Thursday, December 18, 2008

it's the cheesiest

i am home. alone. lost in new york.
actually, only the first sentence is true. my dad is here, and i'm in ann arbor.

in any case. i'm wearing as many colors as i thought i could get away with today. teal tank top, hot pink sweater, purple shoes. i don't think it makes sense at all. but it makes me happy.

i don't think i've been up to anything too terribly interesting. tuesday i went to kimmy's and hung out with katie and nick all day. we made chocolate covered pretzels and cookies. i wasn't allowed to decorate the cookies though. i think kimmy would have murdered me. she's a perfectionist, and let's be real. my cookies would have looked like a five year old did them.
the highlight of my night was eating roughly three pounds of cheese. not really. but i did eat a heck of a lot of velveeta with my tortilla chips. we justified it by eating celery too.
i'm pretty sure i'm not human anymore. i'm composed mostly of velveeta now.

yesterday i played rockband for the first time. it was a lot of fun. me, elisabeth, and sarah made a great band! :) and. i decided what i'm wearing to alice's reception. good thing i have people to direct me.

anyways. hopefully by next post i have something more interesting to talk about than the ingestion of massive amounts of artificial melted cheese.

kate :)


Andrew said...

Well. Celery is nature's toothbrush. Maybe velveeta is nature's toothpaste?

Anonymous said...

Kate, I love your posts! They always put a smile on my face! Especially on a cold winter's night tonight! :) I'm sure your cookies are beautiful when you decorate them!!!

Have a great weekend!!