Tuesday, December 2, 2008

good morning.

i know i just wrote in this a couple days ago, but there are some new things, and things i forgot to tell you before that i want you to know.

1) my dad is shaving his beard over break. since i've known him (all of 21 years) he's looked like a mix of sadaam hussein, and mr. edwards from little house on the prairie. without his beard, he will look like neither of them. i am terribly frightened of this. he has assured me this will only be a temporary change, but. i am in no way excited about this. he is excited to try out a goatee, stache, and soul patch as he gradually shaves it all. still, i'm not.

2) tony. tony left us a message on our answering machine at 10:34 this morning. what he described as "too got dang early." it started out with a cluck. and ended with a cock-a-doodle-doo. i'm not sure why really. he just said, "i want to leave you with some noises." he also moo'd.

3) still, tony. tony brought erika a piece of sweet potato pie during her class. she called me to come pick it up from the poling center. me and erin split it. earlier this week erin overheard tony talking in the library about how if you give a girl a piece of sweet potato pie she'll fall in love with you. we're not sure if that means erika will, since he gave it to her. or if both erin and myself will fall for him since we ate it. i feel no ill effects yet. erin's not in love yet either.

thank you for your ears.



erin said...

haha, MOoooooooooo!
Loved the post! Oh, Tony....

Andrew said...

Little House on the Prairie sucks.

Tony is cool.

And the trick to getting a girl to fall in love with you? I only wish I had thought of it sooner...

oh_em.g said...

our dads will be more twins now, so that maybe good?

but i echo your sentiments of fear -- i have never seen my dad's upper lip, and im scared at what it looks like.