Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i am already rich in christmas presents. what can i say? i'm loved. first, i must tell you of franklin chompster.

i wore franklin to the metts christmas party. it was a hit! i got a compliment on it from some radical friends, and a couple of middle-aged women. :) everyone wanted to wear it too. at one point i took it off because i was dancing and i didn't want him to hit me in the face or something. which, scott really needs to watch his pelvis while he's dancing. some children and like five peoples faces got in the way of his groove. and gabe needs to watch his hands. he "accidentally" touched an unidentified girls crotch. AND. tony would not dance. booooo. anyways, while franklin was not being worn by me, scott (the snake guy, which btw we're friends with now) put it on twice (both times under his shirt), and this guy gabe from FACING AWAY (rob vischer's band) wore it too.

i have to be careful though because if the skeleton is not in the right place he can chomp the wrong spot. :) and no one likes a crotch chomper.

i also got lots of other goodies. travel boggle (YEAH MOM), dinosaur toast cutters, dancin' grannies begginers workout video, and the spongebob squarepants movie. :) these things i can't wear. but am excited to watch/play/cut with.

in other news. me and erika made a video, which most of you have seen. and it brought our long lost friend steve dunn back into our lives. which, we haven't spoken to in like three years. since one day, we went to his room and it was empty. hahahahaha.

lastly. we had a party in my social work class today. all of the social work majors go through their classes together. so basically we had a celebration for the social work class of 2009. i'm not really in it. but i had fun anyways. we had breakfast. AND. awards. me and hannah duran got most likely to be in a reality t.v. show. so, erika, jessica. it's on. we can make ours now. and it was so legit because i got a certificate signed by none other than michael siler himself. AND. we all got little books that everybody signed. i NEED to include this. i already shared it with a few of you, but. c'mon. you cannot wonder why i love this guy anymore. :) michael hart wrote to me: "Your radiant personality rivals that of fair Andromeda twinkling in the heavens above." michael hart has my heart (to heart).

catch you on the flip,


Jessica said...

i'm so glad you love him!! i was soooo worried...

Andrew said...

I love the Spongebob movie!!!

You're right. Nobody loves a crotch chomper.

oh_em.g said...

what is the thing that jess got you? i dont get it.