Thursday, December 25, 2008

why not?

oh, man. this christmas is proving to be pretty groovy.

christmas eve eve. i'm pretty sure i gave my mom alcohol poisoning. not really. but i made a couple of rum and cokes. and. that rum was no joke. there was probably like four shots worth in there. hey, i don't have my tenders license yet. i'm working on it.

christmas eve. the worship leader. best part ever. first off. you probably have to know him. but, he's about as flamboyant as you can get without legally being gay. and. he told this story like he was a shepherd. and referred to himself as a "country bumpkin" and used a bunch of weird slang. i'm pretty sure he found the story online or something but. i'd like to think he made it up himself. then during the candle part. he was on stage, exhaled, and blew out his candle. i kind of missed it. but when emily told me. i laughed heartily.
also, the candles were problematic for another reason. the candles were too small for the little holders that protect you from the wax. the wax was outta control. and burned poor lil' john mark. he was freakin' out.
present favs: biscotti pan and recipes, big comfy sweater, and a basket from 10,000 villages (originally from uganda).
movies i'm forcing you to watch: pee wee's big adventure, and blow.

christmas. present fav: navy (opening night) opi nail polish.
also. we had a lovely fried fiasco. no ham or turkey here. christmas dinner = fried fish, coconut shrimp, fried shrimp, french fries, and fried mushrooms. don't hate. you know you wish you had that for dinner.

post christmas. tomorrow i'm going out to breakfast with ettienne and janni. ihop. exciting times. then in the evening, i'm flying out to new jersey to see jac.

merry christmas kiddies,

Monday, December 22, 2008


i hate lizzi.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

it's the cheesiest

i am home. alone. lost in new york.
actually, only the first sentence is true. my dad is here, and i'm in ann arbor.

in any case. i'm wearing as many colors as i thought i could get away with today. teal tank top, hot pink sweater, purple shoes. i don't think it makes sense at all. but it makes me happy.

i don't think i've been up to anything too terribly interesting. tuesday i went to kimmy's and hung out with katie and nick all day. we made chocolate covered pretzels and cookies. i wasn't allowed to decorate the cookies though. i think kimmy would have murdered me. she's a perfectionist, and let's be real. my cookies would have looked like a five year old did them.
the highlight of my night was eating roughly three pounds of cheese. not really. but i did eat a heck of a lot of velveeta with my tortilla chips. we justified it by eating celery too.
i'm pretty sure i'm not human anymore. i'm composed mostly of velveeta now.

yesterday i played rockband for the first time. it was a lot of fun. me, elisabeth, and sarah made a great band! :) and. i decided what i'm wearing to alice's reception. good thing i have people to direct me.

anyways. hopefully by next post i have something more interesting to talk about than the ingestion of massive amounts of artificial melted cheese.

kate :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i am already rich in christmas presents. what can i say? i'm loved. first, i must tell you of franklin chompster.

i wore franklin to the metts christmas party. it was a hit! i got a compliment on it from some radical friends, and a couple of middle-aged women. :) everyone wanted to wear it too. at one point i took it off because i was dancing and i didn't want him to hit me in the face or something. which, scott really needs to watch his pelvis while he's dancing. some children and like five peoples faces got in the way of his groove. and gabe needs to watch his hands. he "accidentally" touched an unidentified girls crotch. AND. tony would not dance. booooo. anyways, while franklin was not being worn by me, scott (the snake guy, which btw we're friends with now) put it on twice (both times under his shirt), and this guy gabe from FACING AWAY (rob vischer's band) wore it too.

i have to be careful though because if the skeleton is not in the right place he can chomp the wrong spot. :) and no one likes a crotch chomper.

i also got lots of other goodies. travel boggle (YEAH MOM), dinosaur toast cutters, dancin' grannies begginers workout video, and the spongebob squarepants movie. :) these things i can't wear. but am excited to watch/play/cut with.

in other news. me and erika made a video, which most of you have seen. and it brought our long lost friend steve dunn back into our lives. which, we haven't spoken to in like three years. since one day, we went to his room and it was empty. hahahahaha.

lastly. we had a party in my social work class today. all of the social work majors go through their classes together. so basically we had a celebration for the social work class of 2009. i'm not really in it. but i had fun anyways. we had breakfast. AND. awards. me and hannah duran got most likely to be in a reality t.v. show. so, erika, jessica. it's on. we can make ours now. and it was so legit because i got a certificate signed by none other than michael siler himself. AND. we all got little books that everybody signed. i NEED to include this. i already shared it with a few of you, but. c'mon. you cannot wonder why i love this guy anymore. :) michael hart wrote to me: "Your radiant personality rivals that of fair Andromeda twinkling in the heavens above." michael hart has my heart (to heart).

catch you on the flip,

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

good morning.

i know i just wrote in this a couple days ago, but there are some new things, and things i forgot to tell you before that i want you to know.

1) my dad is shaving his beard over break. since i've known him (all of 21 years) he's looked like a mix of sadaam hussein, and mr. edwards from little house on the prairie. without his beard, he will look like neither of them. i am terribly frightened of this. he has assured me this will only be a temporary change, but. i am in no way excited about this. he is excited to try out a goatee, stache, and soul patch as he gradually shaves it all. still, i'm not.

2) tony. tony left us a message on our answering machine at 10:34 this morning. what he described as "too got dang early." it started out with a cluck. and ended with a cock-a-doodle-doo. i'm not sure why really. he just said, "i want to leave you with some noises." he also moo'd.

3) still, tony. tony brought erika a piece of sweet potato pie during her class. she called me to come pick it up from the poling center. me and erin split it. earlier this week erin overheard tony talking in the library about how if you give a girl a piece of sweet potato pie she'll fall in love with you. we're not sure if that means erika will, since he gave it to her. or if both erin and myself will fall for him since we ate it. i feel no ill effects yet. erin's not in love yet either.

thank you for your ears.