Sunday, November 30, 2008


i really wish i had great folklore for you. but alas, i do not.
my break had no crazy happenings really.
i beat katie (and tommy) three times in a row at trivial pursuit. but that should be no surprise. ;)

oragutan island's new season comes out tonight. me and my mom are excited for that.
i played boggle all weekend with my mom. just as i had hoped. and baked "muffin top cookies" with my dad. i think he's pretty proud of himself for naming the creation.

i bought nearly all my christmas presents for people. and myself. :) i ended up getting myself a couple pairs of earrings and a ring. but i couldn't help it. i'm pretty sure 10,000 villages is my new favorite store. my mom also bought me a vietnamese tea set there, for my 21st birthday. yayyyy.

me and my mom skipped church today. because we're bad.

i owe emily 1,000,000 dollars. so. i'll send you the check today! (or tomorrow).

and i am officially excited for being at school for only twelve days. this semester has made me want to kill myself bi-weekly. i'm ready for something new.

much love,


oh_em.g said...

hahaha, i know you are good for it.
or, at least, i know i can hurt you if you dont pay me.

haha :)

Andrew said...

I'm bad just like you and your mom for skipping church.

I wish you watched Seinfeld so I could tell you a joke about muffin tops.