Wednesday, November 19, 2008

weirdo mcbeardo

i am reminiscing about australia today. and.

australians you should be inspired me:

*the liquor store clerk who used bethany's card even though it came out to less than $10, because it was easter. and easter is magical.
*timmy. the dancing homeless man. whose mom loves jake from three and half men. he also writes letters to america concerning hillary clinton.
*the man who bought only pop and candy with his food voucher.
*the little boy at the bus stop, who met dante, and offered me donuts.
*jim, my Bible teacher who always told us "i don't know what the hell i'm saying."
*the homeless man that looked like santa and kissed me on my cheek.
*ben. the homeless man who loved group hugs... and thought i was beautiful. haha.
*jeff the giant. who told crazy-eye craig "she is not small. she is a mighty woman of God! now take that back."
*the hot cotton-on guy.
*the man with the pink fanny-pack and the drag queen friend who gave me glitter.
*the pregnant woman we stalked (she knew it) in order to get to the swans game.
*dylan. our host brother's out of control friend who ate half a cake in one sitting.

that covers it for now. i don't miss the place so much. i mean, it was fantastic, you all should go. but i miss the people. i had such great encounters with weird people. people in spring arbor are pretty normal. maybe i just need to look harder.

much love,

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Andrew said...

"people in spring arbor are pretty normal."

I disagree. They are crazy.