Sunday, November 30, 2008


i really wish i had great folklore for you. but alas, i do not.
my break had no crazy happenings really.
i beat katie (and tommy) three times in a row at trivial pursuit. but that should be no surprise. ;)

oragutan island's new season comes out tonight. me and my mom are excited for that.
i played boggle all weekend with my mom. just as i had hoped. and baked "muffin top cookies" with my dad. i think he's pretty proud of himself for naming the creation.

i bought nearly all my christmas presents for people. and myself. :) i ended up getting myself a couple pairs of earrings and a ring. but i couldn't help it. i'm pretty sure 10,000 villages is my new favorite store. my mom also bought me a vietnamese tea set there, for my 21st birthday. yayyyy.

me and my mom skipped church today. because we're bad.

i owe emily 1,000,000 dollars. so. i'll send you the check today! (or tomorrow).

and i am officially excited for being at school for only twelve days. this semester has made me want to kill myself bi-weekly. i'm ready for something new.

much love,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

weirdo mcbeardo

i am reminiscing about australia today. and.

australians you should be inspired me:

*the liquor store clerk who used bethany's card even though it came out to less than $10, because it was easter. and easter is magical.
*timmy. the dancing homeless man. whose mom loves jake from three and half men. he also writes letters to america concerning hillary clinton.
*the man who bought only pop and candy with his food voucher.
*the little boy at the bus stop, who met dante, and offered me donuts.
*jim, my Bible teacher who always told us "i don't know what the hell i'm saying."
*the homeless man that looked like santa and kissed me on my cheek.
*ben. the homeless man who loved group hugs... and thought i was beautiful. haha.
*jeff the giant. who told crazy-eye craig "she is not small. she is a mighty woman of God! now take that back."
*the hot cotton-on guy.
*the man with the pink fanny-pack and the drag queen friend who gave me glitter.
*the pregnant woman we stalked (she knew it) in order to get to the swans game.
*dylan. our host brother's out of control friend who ate half a cake in one sitting.

that covers it for now. i don't miss the place so much. i mean, it was fantastic, you all should go. but i miss the people. i had such great encounters with weird people. people in spring arbor are pretty normal. maybe i just need to look harder.

much love,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

everybody scream.

news on the homefront. i feel like there is a lot. but i really could be mistaken.

first off, i'm in love. not really. but close enough. that is all i can divulge.
second off, i will officially be in nyc (or close enough to it) for new years. yay. my life has finally become exciting.

okay. those are my two really big chunks of news.

me and erika went to two concerts this week. the first was our link concert. we raised a little over $175 for little aids babies in africa. me and erika caught the groove, and shook it all night. it was cool because the first band was dan, ben, steffan, and austin. all people i know and love. they got cheered for extra loud, but really, i cheered loudly for everyone. as did erika. and sometimes our cheering was synchronized. steve smith played, which is always excellent. also this guy named joshua keene (he doesn't go to our school). he seemed a little douchey to me. but, maybe that was just my impression. also, he was not hot or single, which... why are you even here?

the second concert was for homeless awareness deal. it was also splendid. the bands did well. let's see. the happy hippie played. which, made me happy. so did the gryzb brothers (or however you spell it). jake's screamo band. which his screaming at one point was really neat. i yelled out "that was neat!" and then realized that's probably not cool to say at a screamo concert. the boy that dates the girl across the hall played... i don't know his name. and jamin's band. other highlights of the concert were: brian falling out of his chair, pilgrim dancing, and erika screaming. all normal occurences, but extra fun last night.

i feel that is enough for you to digest right now.

in the words of tony:
love, peace, and hair grease,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cause of death: rain

10 reasons why i want to go outside and drown myself in the rain:

10) jessica is missing
9) living religions class
8) no one can remember my name, and when they think they do they call me katie
7) people either want you to know how liberal or conservative they are, and don't let up
6) my brain hurts
5) things aren't clean
4) i still have another six months left in school
3) mo-jo didn't feed us in class last week, when he told us not to come full (babette's feast video)
2) i feel uninspired
1) no one will "stock it up" at work

there are good things in my life too. for one, it's not raining, so i will be alive the next time you see me. also, i live with my best friends. (almost). and i think i may get to visit my jac attack over christmas break. also, josh guy threw rocks at our window and called us and left a very elaborate message with karis. and. andrew called us from outside our window too. how excellent! if there is one good thing in my life, i can say it is my village window. indeed.

still alive and kickin',

Friday, November 7, 2008

i'm officially white.

i feel obligated to update you on my life. although, i'm not sure a lot has been happening lately. i am growing up though. because. i wear makeup, own and (sometimes) wear heels, and like coffee (not black yet, but with cream and sugar... it's a step). and i voted. i feel accomplished. :) i, along with every other person who isn't devastated by mccain's loss am sick of hearing people whine about it though. better luck next time.

i'm going home this weekend (if you're reading this before i get there, surprise mom. hahaha). i just need to get off campus for a little bit. i'm sick of this hell-hole. ;) i'm looking forward to catching up on intervention and hanging out with my mama!

last weekend was splendid. friday was trunk or treat. saturday i went to nate and missy's and saw liz and jeff (flame-head/little face). we decided to give him terrible nickname's before we ever met him, but then he was nice, and we decided not to use them. we ate donuts and played games galore. including scum. and my baby thinks i'm white. :( (more on that later).
and sunday was an art show on campus. it was really good stuff, and really good food! :) yayyy.

now for my baby thinking i'm white.
nate and missy have two babies. micah is two and isaac is actually a baby. so me and erika were playing the color game with micah. which is where one of us points to a color and micah says what it is. well, screams what it is. things weren't just red. they were REDDDDD!!!!! which i encouraged. so we're playing the game. and micah points to erika's hand and says, "what color is this?" i told him it was white. but he said, "no" and pointed to something that was actually white. so i told him she was peach, to which he replied "PEACH!!!!" so we continue playing, "what color is mommy?" "PEACH!!!" and a few questions later. erika asks. "what color is kate?" "WHITE!!!" i hope to goodness that he said that because i was wearing a long sleeve white tee shirt. i really hope. *sigh*

also. my name is kate. not katie. why is this so gosh darn hard?

much love,