Thursday, October 30, 2008

purple polka dots

i wish i had grand adventures to tell you of. but. i do not.
and. the internet at the arbor is being wack. i can't look at all the secrets on postsecret. sundays are ruined. because. i'm a heathen and that is my favorite part of sunday.

speaking of heathens, tomorrow is halloween. me, erika, and andrew are going to be at trunk or treat. if you are not sure what that is. it's at the church in spring arbor. you decorate your trunk and hand out candy to kiddies. you know, with trick or treating being safe and all these days. we're doing a hannah montana theme. always popular. :)
i'm hannah this year. and since jessica didn't bless us with her wig. do you still have that even? we bought a new one. it was like to my waist though, so erika cut it for me. we converted a left over pirate goatee from last year into a mustache so andrew could be robby ray (hannah's dad) and erika will be lola again this year! yay. i'm excited. i like seeing cute babies in costume.

we spent the night cutting out purple polka dots and yellow stars to decorate our trunk. we also borrowed tony's hannah montana poster (yes. for real). and erika made PERFECT "HM" letters for her logo. :)

also i voted. sent in my absentee. i'm a real adult these days. voting for president and all.

good luck and good riddance,

Sunday, October 26, 2008


i think i'm becoming a real adult. i'm becoming disillusioned and disenchanted with it all. so in light of this dreary development i decided to remember things i love about the world:

*hotel pens
*thirsty thursdays in the library (okay, just the one)
*compliments. :) who doesn't love those?
*artsy people like erika who show me pretty leaves
*coffee/sacred grounds
*vocabulary words
*the moon
*being upside down
*speaking in accents
*people with genuine accents
*singing in the car with katie
*making other people laugh
*moths (well, certain moths) ;)
*black nail polish
*when the air smells like a certain season
*being alone
*weird dreams
*tattoos (not on me, on other people)
*beards (not on me, on other people)
*rugby players... and their shorts
*my dog sometimes
*going out to eat with my mom
*trying new things
*ethnic foods
*trivial pursuit, puzzles, jeopardy, cold case files, etc.
*the bradley family
*good memories
*martini glasses
*a nice set of eyebrows
*flying by clouds
*peanut butter/george washington carver
*truly kind people

there you have it. hotel pens through chapstick.
everything right with the world.


Monday, October 20, 2008

freakin' weekend.

hola homies!

this past weekend was fall break. and let me just say it was one of the most splendid weekends EVER.

how can you go wrong with:
*project runway marathon

*applebees nachos

*me and erika sharing a bed


*erika acting like she doesn't know people she does


*eating sushi outside


*tower inn pasta

*laying on the floor in utter craziness

*watching ellen with emily

*going out and about

*listening to craigs ravings

*listening to pat talk in a british accent

*dressing up

*dollar menu while driving

*a marvelous wedding

*"look erika, it's the coolest, most wonderful guy in the world."

*cheesecake outside

*best nap EVER

*playing eleven, on our bodies

*almost famous

*subway and ice tea out of martini glasses

*community floor tour/notes of encouragement
*friends (not real ones, the show)

*sleeping in


*taco hell

*my cup flipping over in the car and "fu fu fuf"

*tony's antics

*ruining jake's life

all in all. a most excellent weekend no doubts about it.

my favorite part. as was erika's was the cemetary. we came upon it by accident. we were in ypsi driving back from my hair appointment and i missed my turn down cross. so i'm going to turn around when erika's artist eye spots the most charming graveyard. hahahahaha. it was really pretty. the trees had turned and the graves were very decorated. we walked around it before hopping in the car and really turning down cross street.

much love,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

a few things.

it's true.
i only have a few things i find vitally important to express to you this week.

1) michael hart. simple as that.
2) i was on a field trip last week. this man was washing windows in this office building. we needed to know where to go. so he walked us to the office we wanted. he told us that it was a welcomed distraction since, "i'm a paranoid scitzophrenic and a lot of cars were passing by the windows. they were calling me nasty names."
3) me and erika created a song. it's basically the best collaboration ever. it goes something like this: "mona lisa is my great grandmother. pickle, pickle, pickle time." (repeated).

also. you can look at my previous blog for photos finally.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

yeah, i'm 21. so what?

hey guys.

my birthday was monday. and it was all it was cracked up to be. ;) thank you to all of those who love me enough to call me, card me, text me, orangutan island me, or do other things to me. haha.

what to report on...
ian never came. we'll leave it at that.

but. we went out to ice cream on saturday anyways. the picture erika had to take. i tried to take two before that. the first was of just andrew, the second of everyone but me. good thing erika has a bit more talent than me.

sunday we went out to dinner. i think our waitress could sense jessica's out of body presence with us. since she gave us an extra straw. quesadilla burger = yum.
also, outside of walmart (next to applebees) i saw the most wonderful thing in all creation. there was this bike with a wagon thing hooked to the back of it. as most bikes are decorated for the season it had a witch attached to the front and all sorts of goodies in the cart, including an etch-a-sketch. perhaps it was santa claus' cousin, manta blaus -- who delivers presents to bad little children on halloween, and gives good little children burning brown paper bags filled with poop on their porch. just a thought.
that night andrew came over and tortured us with his torture contraption. erika liked it the most.

monday was my real birthday. i felt blessed to receive a homemade "candle" from archie. he used supplies all found at sacred grounds. God bless his creativity. i regret to inform you that i did not burn it. i was worried that it may be toxic.

tuesday was like my extended birthday. not really. but it was fun. me and erika went crazy because we had to get out of the "hell-hole" that is our room. hahahaha. we went outside for a walk. we screamed, and danced, and i don't even know. we also looked at the world upside down and then came home and listened to stairway to heaven. it was one of the best nights i can remember. guess it doesn't take much to please me. :)

love you all,

p.s. pictures will be added. blogger is upsetting me by not loading them right now. arggggh.

Friday, October 3, 2008

welcome to detroit, mother f'er.

hello america.

not too much exciting news for this week.
i went on a field trip to detroit on tuesday. i'm not really sure why we went. we didn't do anything educational really, but whatever. i got a falafel pita while i was there (which my professor paid for) so, it wasn't a total waste.
we went to this mosque. for like a total of ten minutes. but, it was really very beautiful.
no. i did not take this picture. i'm not that much of a tourist.

i think the interesting stuff shall take place this weekend. ian should be coming. but who really knows with that kid. me and erika have a great dress-up plan, and we are going shopping for beautiful dresses (related to a different dress-up plan).


but. i'm just excited that fall is here. i like clear, brisk days. they're my favorite.
today as i was walking out of the gym, listening to lil wayne, the weather was perfect. and the world looked perfect. and it was just one of those moments when you realize you're exactly where you're supposed to be.


as always,

p.s. how do you feel about the title jessica?