Sunday, September 28, 2008

all these wonderful happenings

there are some things i think you should know.

a long time ago. not saturday, but the one before. me and erika attended a bonfire. there were many people there, including this guy who i think is an idiot. i told erika that the idiot guy was there and used discreet movements to indicate where.
erika decided to jerk her head suddenly, look right at him, gasp, and then jerk her head suddenly back around. why? i'm not sure.
this is not the first time it's happened. and i'm pretty sure the idiot thinks i think he's hot or something now. :-/
but. that is one of the hundred reasons that i love erika. because she ruins my reputation.

also, on the topic of me and erika being freaks. we went to taco bell thursday night. and took honestly, seven minutes in the drive-thru to figure out what we wanted. the man spoke to us three times saying, "i can help you... whenever you're ready...." hahaha. we got grilled stuffed burriots and they changed our lives. revolutionary.

now. let us move onto some things you should know in the religious realm.
last sunday pastor mark told the congregation that suffering is random and meaningless. this made me a very happy camper. i'm really tired of christians dressing suffering up.

and i am suffering through my liturgical theology book:
"The real work of the Spirit is his work in the church. Only within the ecclesial context is the Spirit as the 'firstfruits' of the new creation actualized. This actualization takes place in the Eucharist, where the 'already' and the 'not yet' are held together. In the eucharistic worship of the church, the Spirit actualizes the past through anamnesis and anticipates prolepsis when created things are transfigured (or "transibstantiated," if you like). In this anticipation, something of the future--a foretaste--is realized as the Father is epiclesis to send the Holy Spirit in the Eucharist. Anamnesis and prolepsis are the two poles held together in the present as the church invokes the Spirit's presence in its eucharistic celebration."

also. upon reminding my father that my 21st birthday is in eight days he told me, "that is old enough to get married." and suggested an arranged marriage with a muslim. tis true. i decided fair enough. i am going to the biggest mosque in america on tuesday (field trip) and did just convert a piece of fabric into a headdress to cover my hair for that occassion. i could also use it once i'm married to my muslim husband. my dad suggested i just use his du rag for the mosque visit. but thought the fabric to be a bit classier then his skull and crossbone du rag.

lastly, i watched the worst movie ever on saturday. erika. i only got a half hour through it. it was called "reverend i'm available." it was about this widower who is a reverend and these three women in the congregation who are after him. i turned it off after the reverend bangs the chick in cheetah print. there was no sex scene but he was in his bathrobe like, "you kept me up last night." and she was like, "there is more where that came from. but get ready. we're going to be late for church." hrmmmm. it was classified as a "gospel musical comedy." and it was very low budget. i'm pretty sure me and erika could have (but would not have) made that movie.

i understand that this post is quite disjointed. but, who are we kidding? i am a terribly disjointed person. and. in spite of all these wonderful happenings, i'm still sad. while we're being honest.


Friday, September 19, 2008

oh, f.

wednesday was arbor games. our theme was punks.

i got so many compliments on my look that i am considering changing it to punk permanently. yes, dad. it's true.

also, yes, that is karis in the picture above. our new transfer. she did my hair. like, it came natural to her. i have a few questions now....

anyways. i competed in all but one of the games at arbor games this year. even the tug of war. which, was great because i've been workin' my guns at jazzercise.

what else?

i participated in the bat spin. and looked really cool. i guess me looking cool depends upon your definition. like, if falling over and nearly running into five people is your definition of cool. i'm there.

i feel so very uninspired lately. my blog is so boring. blarrgggggh.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

looking sharp

so. i'm all about dressing up and looking good.
on sunday me, erika, andrew, and erin dressed up and looked really good. we took lots of pictures. and graced the world with our beauty. the picture above is us pretending to be me. we did these for everybody. but this is my blog, and you all are interested in me. so that is the one i chose to display.

also, in the interest of looking sharp. we got new shirts at sacred grounds today. they are okey dokes. polos. argggh. polos. (yes, i needed to say it twice).

not a lot of things to update you on. classes are alright. field trips galore. to detroit. well, at least one of them is to detroit. the other one (yes, two constitutes galore) is at a secret location. it's probably some cult thing in which they sacrifice one student. most likely me, i heard cults and witches and stuff like to sacrifice virgins. :-/
or maybe that was ancient greeks, or incas, or mayans. in any case. i am up for elimination.

i'm coming home this weekend to celebrate ms. emily's 21st. too bad i am too small to get in anywhere and not nearly flirty enough to go that route.

today in chapel this girl referred to chuck white as chuck white 222. i have reason to believe he is a robot. or at least a handsome man who fancies bow ties. or at least a handsome robot who fancies bow ties. i'm not sure. i wonder what happened to chuck white model 111....

the vampire is okay. i rather like her. hopefully she likes me enough (or not enough) to not bite me.

i'm sure this made very little sense and only 10% of it is actually true. but, c'mon. what do you really expect from me?


Saturday, September 6, 2008


i'm back at school. it was nice to see everyone. except jessica, not because it was bad to see her, but because i didn't. she decided to abandon us and go on a wacky adventure to disney world. shame. i guess i went on an adventure too, but i didn't leave you with a vampire. yes, a vampire. i have reasons for my suspicions.

also, thank you for the coins. :)

i bought lotion from the store the other day. it has glitter in it. i didn't know that at the time. i'm not sure how i feel about this.

i wore spandex the other day. for real wore it. not sure how i feel about that either.
i think i just o.d.'d on peanut butter.
i worked out three days in a row.

much love,

Monday, September 1, 2008

i to the max

yesterday me and my dad went to see journey to the center of the earth imax.
i know, right? his choice. i just go along with it now. since last time we tried to go to the movies we got in a huge fight over which movie to see (he would ONLY watch RV) and didn't end up going at all.

it wasn't as bad as i had anticipated. the imax part helped.

and when we got home my dad put his glasses on and pretended they worked with the t.v. hahahahaha. you probably had to be there.

i went "grocery shopping" last night. that's when i go through our cupboards at home and find food i want to take to school with me. my mom tried to regulate. hater. i took all the food i wanted anyway. hahahaha. i know, i'm a brat.

life moves fast.
and. sometimes it's hard to tell if you're really happy or just convincing yourself that you should be. i guess it really doesn't matter.

i seriously need a game of dress-up. hopefully i'll find a companion to play with in 24 hours. and perfect, i just realized i still have the imax glasses in my purse!

as always,