Wednesday, August 27, 2008

lisa the dentist impersonator.

yesterday i was majorly thrilled to go to the dentist.
until i found out linda, the lady who usually brushes my teefers for me was absent. due to a case of poison ivy. i mean, cmon linda, you're killing me here.
i got lisa instead. who seemed nice enough to begin with. she teaches self-defense classes, has a therapy dog, and goes on medical mission trips. nice enough, right?
until you realize she's a total psycho.
she shut a mans head in her car door several times on purpose. i'm glad i made it out alive. darn lisa.

also, my dentist is a total loser too. dr. hall. he tries way too hard to be funny, and let's be real, LAME. i wanted to punch him in his face several times. "i'm just so angry, i think i'll take it out on the next young lady i see lisa." to which i replied, "go for it." some people.

in other important news. i was obsessed with brownies at friday's and left our waitress, semptember, notes of appreciation.
me and emily smoked josh and craig at cornhole. and the eber boys (minus the extra small one) stopped by on accident.
i dressed up like a lumberjack.

lumberly yours,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the dutchess.

yes, i did go to the birth place of fergie. california.
also, the birthplace of danny.
i actually saw danny, not fergie.

it was a very enjoyable time. we went to huntington beach, in-n-out, a parking structure with an electronic sign that tells you how many spots are available (yes, noteworthy for certain), chargers open practice, stepbrothers, the new target, balboa park and snuck into the hall of champions and the science center, sea world, universal studios, santa monica, medieval times, the park.

i know. busy girl, right?
extra noteworthy events:
*calls from jac and kathleen
*the parking structure with the electronic sign
*honestly, chargers practice was pretty cool. and we made a friend with a deranged man. who thought i was an infant.
*"you know what's good for shoulder pain? if you lick my butthole." - stepbrothers

*taking pictures of myself at target with their cameras on display :)
*being sneaky
*science center was sweet. a little like COSI.
*f-ing shamu. splashing us when we were cold. i hate that whale. except for his fireworks.
*meeting spongebob .
*looking stupid/sick in every single roller coaster picture.
*the kids club at medieval times.
*beautiful weather. :)

but i'm back. and better than ever.