Friday, June 13, 2008


so. this is what my roomates catch me doing with danny in my room (don't worry it's G rated. LITERALLY).

also. i believe this will be my last blog. i head off to new zealand in two days. so. pray for me. :) i'll be home soon.

much love,

Saturday, June 7, 2008

debrief (and not the good kind).

hello everyone,

yesterday we had our ASC debrief. we still have another week here, and then five days in new zealand. but. we did it anyways.
i really can't believe this. like. i've wanted to go home and see you all for a while now. but, now that it is actually going to happen. i'm not ready at all.
i'm going to miss so many things. and so many people.
i'm going to miss (which you probably won't understand, but still):
*sweet chili sauce
*patisserie dates with my roomates
*palm trees
*big city living
*tim tams
*the snack drawer
*danny and jac when they're together and being completely ridiculous
*the girl with the zebra bag
*homeless people
*danny. and laughing with him. and the weird split personalities he creates.
*bethany. and making fun of the t.v. with her. and lying about everyone to everyone.
*kathleen. and how she talks to herself. and how she always makes me feel gorgeous.
*jac. and panicked monkey. and her jurassic park 3 type commentaries.
*dawn. and her colorful personality. and her dance moves.
*amy. and date days. and her reeling me in.

my goodness, this is going to be harder than i thought.

during debrief we had to reflect on a lot of things. and how they hit us. and. i just want to tell you two things.
1) What do you regret?
Not spending more time with people who needed it.
2) What beliefs did you outgrow?
People are what they've done.

i am terribly sad. that is all.