Friday, May 30, 2008

if i find that hat in your den....

brian meagher. today is the day you've been waiting for all semester.
i went on a date. and it wasn't with a homeless person.
*drum roll please* as if all of you didn't see this coming. i went out to dinner with danny last friday. :)
and it was rather lovely. because. we went to this burger place in kings cross. now, let me clarify. by burger place. i don't mean hungry jacks. it was good burgers. hahahaha. and by kings cross, i mean sydney's red light district. because. why would i go on a date anywhere else?
after dinner. we had ice cream.
we were standing outside of this store eating our ice cream. and this homeless man was nearby. like saying to girls as they walked by, "good evening lovely ladies." pimptacular, no?
so. he starts talking to us. and. by the end of it. he's like. 'alright. hugs.' so. me and danny are on either side. and we give him side hugs. and he goes, 'no. hugs all around.' so. it turns into a group hug. and. the guy is weird. and really close to our faces. but. we pulled away without incident.
most girls dates end with them hugging both their date AND a homeless man, right?

so that saturday we went to featherdale wildlife park. it was cool. you could pet koalas. and emus. and wallabies. and birds. and kangaroos.
you know. legit.
that is all i have to say about that.

saturday night was my last night with Jesus Cares, the food van i've been going out with. so we go out to woolloomooloo with no incident. and off to belmore park we go. so. i get out of the van. and grab a dessert from the dessert table/ironing board (because i have no shame). and i hear, "hello beautiful." i look up. and. it is the man from the night before. that hugged me and danny. hahahahahahahaha. his name is ben.
and this is the most excellent world. just for that.

not too much else exciting happened during my week. until thursday.

i didn't have school. danny took me out again.
this time we saw a 3D imax movie. and. it was called "dinosaurs: giants of patagonia." :)
it was danny's idea because he knows that dinosaurs are my favorite animal.
how cute, right?

today is my roomate bethany's 21st birthday. we're having a party at danny and dantes house. and everyone is coming. it's going to be the bomb. trust me, i'm on the party planning committee. hahahaha. the theme is monochrome 21.
i'm going to be green.
and. we're having a sundae bar. and pumpin' jams.
21 never sounded so good.

so until next time my loves,

p.s. dad. i was at a pub. and i saw "bangers and mash" on the menu. i hope that makes your day. ;)
p.p.s. all you grizzly man lovers. i watched it a couple weeks ago. and also exposed my roomates and danny to it. hallelu!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

long time, no blog

sorry for being gone for so long.
i just kind of gave up on making australia sound fun.
but i'm back. and better than ever.
and australia is fun, really.

note: if you're andrew. don't read this paragraph. because i just copied this from a message to you. hah.
a couple weekends ago i went on a class trip. we did some pretty cool things. like i played the digeridoo. and threw a boomerang. i couldn't get the boomerang to return. but no one else could either. so. it was okay by me. we also got to dress up like animals and dance around a fire. hahaha. which, you know is something i would do by my own volition.
our teacher is this aboriginal lady. and she assigned us our totems (what animals we are). she assigned me as a kookaburra. because they're really loud. :) but. she said she thinks i have a lovely laugh. those wise aboriginal women.
we also made baskets out of bark. mine was horrendous. ah well. it was the experience. hahahaha. and the boys made spears. i know, right?

in other news. last sunday i went to homeless church. as a volunteer, not a homeless person. i went with devon and chelsea. and. they made us get up in front of everyone and sing. like a worship team or something. which, none of us can sing. that was probably more horrendous than the basket i crafted out of bark in the bush. but. this one man said we sounded like angels. i think he may have been crazy. like legitimately, homeless man crazy.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

it's about that time

7:25pm. tuesday, may 6.
it's about that time. the time where i want to come home more than anything.
and i want to see you all. more than anything.

this week has had its highlights. don't get me wrong.
i adventured in the city with amy.
i went to the bathroom at the opera house. and oh my gosh. can i just say? i would live in their bathrooms. so posh. ;)
i think i did pretty well on my greek test.
a man at salvation army with a $15 voucher for a weeks worth of groceries bought only pop and candy.
saturday i got to dress up like a frog. it was for a birthday party. but you all know how much i love to dress up.
and yesterday. well yesterday was actually rather wonderful. i just watched t.v. with danny all day. and laughed a lot. and then we met up some party peeps at pancakes on the rocks for kelsey's 21st. and i got bananarama pancakes. :) bananas, ice cream, butterscotch. holler.

but it's not yesterday. it's today. tuesday, may 6. and i just want to go home.

don't worry guys. i'll be fine. i always am.
and i'm sure by tomorrow. i'll want to stay here forever.

so until next time around,