Sunday, April 27, 2008

go shawty, it's your birfday.

greetings friends! i am still alive. indeed, it is true.
we had a long weekend this weekend. surprise, right? except that is our last little break. aaaaah!

but. let us rewind. to wednesday.
danny and i went to see 50cent/g-unit in concert. and it was spectacular. :)

the opening act was hilarious. it was like these two aboriginal rappers. who straight sucked. one of their songs went a little something like, "i'm an aboriginee, can't you see?" and they danced really weird. the next opening act was a group called finesse. and they weren't that bad. they were kind of legit.

oh, and the whole time. there was this trailer trash man behind us. like, he had the stache and everything. and he was whistling the whole time. like. at random times, really shrill. i wanted to kill him. erika and jessica. you know i wanted to kill him. more than anything. although the trailer trash man was crazy, we did make some not crazy friends. there were two girls sitting next to us. and we totally made friends. because me and danny make friends wherever we go! :) they like blocked out our schedules for the next two months. haha. and are our facebook friends, which means it is for real. it's not official until it's facebook official.

so after like 2 1/2 hours of waiting, 50 finally gets his butt out on stage with tony yayo and lloyd banks. (in the picture he is the one in the middle.) and he was sweet. as you can see from the pictures we weren't all in his grill. but it wasn't as far as it seems. i'm pretty sure we made eye contact. ;) haha. he played all his good stuff.

katie. when we went into the concert the security guards didn't check me for weapons. they didn't know i brought my guns. 50 played many men and i brought out my guns. danny did too. wish you could've been there. :) he also played our favorite. patiently waiting. he kept making the beat drop and then stopping it like, "didn't we already play this one? no. we didn't." and then did that like four times. i kept getting really excited and yelling, "yo em, you know you my favorite white boy, right?" and then he'd cut me off. so by the time he actually played the song, i didn't even yell that. 50 did a lot of that gimmicky stuff. that is the only thing that i was like, 'for real 50?' he was making me mad. like if he could hear me, i would have told him he was an idiot.

what else? at one point he like stopped the concert and said, "what the fuck? there's bubblegum on my shoe." and then he picked it off. and that was HILARIOUS. he won back my heart with that one. and. at the end. he was like throwing his hat and his shoes and stuff into the crowd. and then he pulled down his pants. hahahaha. and he was just standing on stage in his boxers for like 20 seconds. i told danny to take a picture. but he declined. hrrrrm.

thursday i went to salvation army. it sucked a bit because i only got three and a half hours of sleep the night before. but my day was brightened when i saw timmy again! haha. i was working in the second hand store. and he came in with a book. he asked for a pen. since, you know how timmy likes to write. i gave him one. he told me the book was a book on religion. i am sure he didn't buy it. and i'm sure he took the pen and wrote his thoughts on religion inside it and left it at the store. i probably shouldn't have let him do it. but i thought whoever picked up the book next would have a good time deciphering timmy talk. :) i wanted to find it. but i couldn't. who knows where the guy left it. i think it might be somewhere in the furniture section.

saturday danny and i went to the club. it was alright. the dance floor was tiny. and when we got there, there were only two girls dancing on it. they kept playing house/techno music. and it was just bizarre. i've never seen so many straight guys dancing by themselves/with eachother. the guys far outnumbered the girls. it was a sad state of affairs. well, for the guys at least.
despite all that. they did play a fair amount of hip-hop/r&b. and we danced. and it was FUN. i'm glad i went with someone who knows how to dance. because a lot of those guys there didn't. haha. but for real. i wouldnt've rather been there with anyone else. :)

and i guess earlier that day they had a krumping contest in sydney (if you don't know what it is look it up on youtube, it's pretty sweet, it's worth your five minutes). so they had a bunch of the krumpers there. and at one point they just had them do their stuff. so that was pretty cool.

i didn't get home that night until 4:30am. i am officially a bad mammajamma. recognize. ;)


p.s. i do not like the order of my pictures. but i am too stupid to know how to fix them. so be aware that i am aware they could be laid out better. that is all.

Friday, April 18, 2008

adventures galore.

so. i already have more to report.
i am writing in this blog like it's my job.
...except less frequent than if it were my job.

this week is break week. and i LOVE it. what have i been up to, you ask? yes. yoda.

monday was my adventure day. me and amy went to breakfast and then took buses to wherever they brought us. they didn't really bring us anywhere too exquisite. and. we walked the sydney harbor bridge. then we came back to my place and watched a movie. then played girl games. erika. we played eleven. and i am meant to be with fangs!!! :)
then we packed a tupperware container with ketchup (because it costs money for ketchup packets here). and went out and ate fries. and then we returned to our respective homes.

tuesday wasn't too eventful. i went to the mall with bethany. and did not purchase a darn thing. but then i went to the grocery store and purchased granola bars, nobby's nuts, a candy bar, and a chocolate chip cookie deal. i ate three out of the four items that night. this is what my life is. one giant purse for food. and nothing else. okay, the purse isn't giant. but it is designated for food.

wednesday i went to the blue mountains. they aren't too mountainous. but give em' a break. it's australia, they have everything else right with the world.
we took the train. and. packed lunches.
then we walked the trails. it was cool. if you aren't a fat kid like me. okay. i know i'm small. but i was definitely at the rear of the pack much of the time. but now i have buns of steel. so. it's all good.
we went out to dinner too. and that was sublime.

thursday i went to salvation army. nothing too weird.
this old guy i work with, wayne, is making me soup though. which is kind of weird. he's bringing me home-made ham and bean soup next thursday. why? i am not sure. but rock on wayne. (rock on garth.)
then me and amy went to the park to take pictures. which i posted all these pictures on my facebook. and. met a homeless man. who lives in the bushes.
and saw people smoking pot in the park. and then i tripped up the stairs. and just stayed there and laughed obnoxiously for a couple minutes. and. we went to mcdonalds but their icecream machine was off. if that isn't always the way. so then we headed over to hungry jacks and got cones.

and that is why my break week was the bomb.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

so fresh and so clean

so. i already have more news for the homefront.

friday was spectacular. for several reasons. after our class trip to a mission we had mexican food. which is terribly hard to find in sydney. they don't boast a very large mexican population here. it's basically just danny.
i also had mexican for dinner. and hung out with a mexican all day. so. it was a cross-cultural experience times two.

friday i must have looked rather impressive. i think it says something mildly pathetic about you when people notice when you have showered. three people commented on it in one day. when i was hanging out with danny he asked me when the last time i showered was. and then later that night kathleen said, "you are gorgeous. did you shower today?" and when i asked the question, "why does everybody keep asking if i showered?" (which danny and kathleen ARE everybody. because like you all know twice is always.) harmony said, "you just look really clean today." my reputation precedes me.

besides having a 24-hour fiesta and having my cleanliness acknowledged friday was also spectacular because i went to 7-11. slurpee time. although, i was greatly dissapointed in the fact that they did not boast a pina colada flavored slurpee. barrrgh.

yesterday i went to an AFL (australian rules football) game. the game was good. it was a blowout. sydney won 107-45. i could explain to you what AFL rules are. but. i don't really know. and it is not important to my story. therefore, it is not important to you. ;)
i was dissapointed with the energy. they didn't play any jock jams. which was basically the only reason why i went. i was trying to hear the space jam song. boooo.

getting to the game was more of an adventure than the game itself. me, jac, and des were supposed to meet danny in burwood. but our bus came late. i tried to convince the bus driver to let us out early. cause i could see our connector bus right in front of us, but the driver was not having it. so. yeah we missed it. and were going to be late. BUT.
destiny made friends with this pregnant lady and her husband. and they were wearing swans stuff. so the four of us just followed them via train to the game. and got there on time. but. it was rather amusing. we had to run to one of our trains to make it. so we were basically chasing this pregnant lady who was BOOKING it.

this week we're on break. yeah man. i know we were on break like three weeks ago. but we get another one suckas! :)
i will use my time wisely. t.v. and snacks.
i'm going to show my roomates the best movie ever. yes, we are going to watch grizzly man at some point.
and this may just be the best break ever.

love you all. a lot. and i miss you guys.

as always,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

less than thrilling exploits

first things first. i was very excited to see that paul the wall, the living legend commented on my last post. i thought you had forgot about me, now that you're a famous chapel band member and all.
secondly, i never thanked you brian. for all the songs and poems. so. thank you.

guys here wear shorter shorts than in america. and honestly, i kind of like the man thigh. i said it. and what's worse, i meant it.

timmy didn't show up to the salvation army today. but yakav did. he thanked me approximately ten times and told me, "you're beautiful!" i think it had less to do with my smokin' hot appearance and more to do with the fact that i gave him five dollars worth of jam for free. i do that at the salvation army a lot. i mean. they are a charity after all, right? yakav only had fifteen dollars and he needed four different kinds of jam. i can't blame homeboy. variety is the spice of life. whereas most poor people would settle for one kind of jam. yakav doesn't play games. he'll take raspberry, strawberry, grape, AND marmalade, trick.
i don't think the salvation army really minds that much though. they give me stuff all the time. today i got ice cream and diet coke.
which by the way. i did a diservice to australia today. i littered for the first time since i've been here. it's not my fault the train station doesn't have any garbage cans. so that diet coke can. it's just chillin' out at central station. but. i think it's happier there.

thursdays are weird. like parallel universe type weird. i got on the train today and everyone was reading the same paper. and had palm pilots. and the kid next to me was eating the largest chocolate bar i've ever seen. if that doesn't scream parallel universe to you. i don't know what the heck does.

i don't have many other exploits to tell you of.
but i mean jam is enough. is it not?

much love,

Thursday, April 3, 2008


so. today was my first day at street level. a salvation army mission.
and i wanted to tell you two things before i forgot about them.

i met a man named timmy. honestly, crazy old homeless man. but. he did provide me with joy.

first off. because he wrote me a letter. and this is what it says:
To America - I hope Hillary Clinton gets in. I think a woman has more power than a man. Australia needs a woman prime minister. Paulian Hanson. Whoever.
Tim (and then his phone number).

i didn't think you'd actually want to call timmy and ask him about his opinions on women in leadership. but if you do... i have his number. if he actually has a phone. i mean. i really don't think he does.

he also sang me a love "poem." he kind of made it up himself. and i want you to imagine this being sung to me:
L is for the way you look at me.
O is for (i don't remember this one but it was not the right words).
V is for very, very special.
E is for my eyes i look at you with in love.
and i want to love you. and fifteen other guys. so we can make our own rugby team.

and. that was my song. good, no?

it was a wonderful day.