Saturday, March 29, 2008

rebellion, rat tails, and the like.

hello my friends. it has been quite a while. for this i am deeply sorry. or at least a little bit sorry.

two weeks ago we had our break. just like you guys did. and it was pleasant. i did nothing extremely superb. just watched a TON of movies. and by a ton i mean. 5. but for me. it's a ton. and jessica. i watched them two by two by one. amazing, no?
i also went to the mall and purchased a pair of skinny jeans so i could fit in. that's like all they wear here. they are cute. but TIGHT. i am wearing them now. and yeah. it's a big deal.

i have homework up the wazoo. yes, the wazoo. i need to work on my six page paper on the role of the Spirit in galatians. and i have an oral presentation on friday. which. i really have done nothing for yet. shameful i know.

now for picture time. because i know you all have been waiting to find out how/why. on friday i went to 'pretty in ink' with amy and melissa to observe their tattooing. well. devon and chelsea came also as observers. i was going to get my nose pierced, but the piercer was absent. golly gee whiz. so yeah. the pics are of their awesome hardcore tats. and just so you know, the smallest tattoo artist in the world works at the shop. but didn't do theirs. bummer.
me and melissa went back the next day and i got my nose pierced. we figured since they had the smallest tattoo artist, maybe they'd have something notable to say of their piercer. and we decided they do. the dirtiest man in the world.
i'm pretty certain he has never washed his clothes, his body, or brushed his teeth before. NO JOKE - his teeth were BROWN.
he pierced my nose with a gun. which i didn't think was standard protocol but whatever. it's all good. it didn't hurt a bit!
so. to go on with this whole odd dirty man thing. he was a total weirdo mcbeirdo. when i sat down he asked me about what i was studying in school. i told him 'ministry' which he didn't know what that was. hahaha. and then when he figured it out he went on to talk about how religion is man-made to oppress people. and God doesn't care about us. and how he's a pagan who respects mother nature. you know, the usual kind of conversations i have.
so. this man who told me he's old enough to be my dad. seems to think it's okay to date people young enough to be your daughter. because after i paid him our conversation went like this.
dm = dirty man
k = kate

k: what should i clean my nose with?
dm: do you know what palmolive anti-bacterial *mumble mumble* is?
k: no, but i can figure it out.
dm: hahahahahaha. i love this girl! what are you doing later tonight?

yeah. it happened. i laughed nervously and waited for it to go away.
so. i have officially been asked out by the dirtiest man in the world. i really attract some winners.

a few other notes. things you need to know.
1. rat tails are really popular here. it is weird. and not okay.

2. they call cantaloupe rock melon.

3. good job having your baby nate and missy.

now that all that is off my chest. i am going to pretend like i'm doing homework.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bloomin' onion. aka. the outback.


i returned from the outback a couple days ago. we had a trip out there for the weekend. and. it was pretty sweet.
it took us like eight hours to get there. but we had this pimp bus driver. no joke.

lets see, what did i do?
*played dutch blitz (i suck. but it's fun.)
*ate a lot
*straight sweated. egads. it was like 110. not a pretty picture.
*got eaten by bugs. and huge spiders. and moths. (contrary to popular belief moths can and will attack).
*laughed SO hard. at EVERYTHING. (when don't i do that?)
*rode around in a jeep. with our pimp bus driver. and other people. (although i wish it was just me and the bus driver. hahahahahaha.)
*wrote myself the lamest letter. it was one of those you open when you leave australia to remember what you were thinking. and i just told myself that i forgot to put sunscreen on my chest. meaningful, no?
*saw a dead kangaroo. HILARIOUS. not so cute anymore.
*hunted crayfish. aka yabbies. and caught two. well... kind of. i pulled a trap out of the water. that i didn't set up. but still. that thing pinched my finger. my middle finger to be exact. maybe he was trying to tell me something.
*shared the worst rendition of my life story ever.
*saw the southern cross. there you go dad.
*watched a man shear a sheep. at the end the sheep was bleeding. i was concerned. natalie portman would not have liked it.
*sat on a tree and dipped my feet in giardia infested waters.
*read the liturgy for palm sunday service. yes. i am that righteous. ;)
*invented a card game. it's called "you're higher." it is me and amy's creation. with a bit of help from sunny. and it is the BEST card game ever invented.

that's what the outback is all about.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

so much week. so little time.

what to tell you?

NATE! i am listening to the smoothie's right now. (good call erika).

monday was ian's birthday. since everything here is a day earlier than over there (roughly) the whole continent celebrated in style previous to ian celebrating it himself. and everyone here is voting for him for president. i'm pretty sure he doesn't read this because he is an awful person. so andrew. it is up to you to notify him of this.

wednesday was not terribly eventful. except for the fact that it transformed me into a movie star! after class i was waiting at the bus stop with DANNY (you're totally in my blog. i'm not even gonna front like you weren't there.) and destiny. there was this man outside the gas station in a suit with a microphone. and a camera man too. me and danny walked behind the reporter. like those baybay kids you see when you're watching the news. and they're terribly obnoxious and they make you want to die. but. i'm pretty sure i'm going to be getting calls soon about modeling jobs and acting gigs. whether or not i was actually on the news cheesing, i am not sure. but. i tried.

thursday i went to darling harbour with amy. it was cool.
friday i had a sleepover party at amy, ali, and ruth's. bethany came too. it was also cool. that is all i have to say on that matter.

saturday. i went to the rocks in the morning with the girls. the rocks is just an area of sydney with shopping and what-not. i bought myself some bling. an opal ring. australia loves opals and it is my birthstone so rather appropriate, no? which means. i am retiring my true love waits ring. hahaha.
i also purchased a green tee. because it was five dollars. and we all know how bad i am at spending money.
i went to my service project at night. no close encounters with homeless men this time. although, a nice old man wearing an orange polo told me i have a beautiful smile. he knows what lines work! :)

sunday. i didn't call my mom and dad. sorry guys! i know you missed me terribly. :) well... i'd like to think so.
i walked to church with my roomates today. and i really liked it. it was kind of old school. but the people were SO excited we were there. i went to the family service, which was honestly full of ADORABLE babies. but next week i'll go to their night service. it's for uni(versity) people.
later we went to a hillsong (HILLsong mom. hahahahahaha.) concert. i saw this guy from church there and said hi. i'm pretty sure he didn't know who i was. so i felt like a freakazoid.
it was free. and cool. but because i'm an awful person i was done with the concert before the concert was. i'm not spiritual enough for this. ;)

okay that's it.
and i feel like this post was sub-par. but it is because it is past my bed time. i cannot be held accountable for my lack of wit or taste.

as always,

Sunday, March 2, 2008

gay and lesbian mardi gras

yes, i was in attendance.

but first off. friday night. we watched young einstein. weird movie. stupid humor. would have been more suitable if i had you guys to make fun of it with. but none-the-less not a total waste.

second off. gay and lesbian mardi gras. what you have all been waiting for. saturday night a group of us went downtown for the thirtieth annual. we are pictured above. that is us in the train station afterwards, but still. good times. it's one of those things everyone goes to (gay or straight) because it is just like a huge outdoor party. it was actually a parade, they had floats. which is also pictured above. on this float there were "angels" dancing around in their underwear. and oddly enough a little boy throwing flowers. photos courtesy of miss amy madden. so if you guys are facebook friends with her. check our her albums. the second one has all the mardi gras pics in it. i of course. only took two pictures. :)

wondeful story:
me and danny were in mcdonalds at the gras. (which the line was berserk.) and we saw the ultimate gay trio. a BIG drag queen. and two guys in pink shirts, silver sequined belts, and shorts (they were on the float behind the angel float). the one had a fanny pack full of glitter. you must know that everyone there was dressed up. like hookers, or angels, or in neon, or glitter, or something of the sort. i felt left out. back to story. the one guy was sprinkling glitter on his friend. danny suggested i ask for some as well. i'm pretty positive he didn't think i would.
but you guys know me. of course i did.
i tapped him on the shoulder and said, "excuse me? but do you think i could have some glitter too?" he sprinkled silver glitter on my arms and hat and blew red glitter in my face. even though my mouth was closed i still got it in my mouth. danny had to rub the glitter off my gums. what are friends for, right?
so i was glittered and ready to go.

as for today. i didn't actually end up cleaning australia as i led you to believe in my previous entry. i was twenty minutes late to the site. and when i got there i only saw people that weren't people i knew. so i dipped.
then tonight. we were going to go to hillsong, but after taking a bus and a train we missed another one of our busses. another time. today was not my day for doing things i had committed to. :( ahh well. what can i say? i'm spontaneous? or irresponsibe. we'll go with the first. more positive.