Thursday, February 28, 2008

hungry jacks

hmm... a few things.

first off. i went to the art gallery on monday. alone. it took me a bus and two trains, but i got there successfully. i thought that made me independent and sophisticated, but i was told that it makes me a loner. whatever. my favorite painting from the gallery is "the mockers" by arthur boyd. you should check it out. i couldn't find any good pictures of it online, but maybe you can.

secondly. we had a lecture from this guy in government on tuesday. you know about australian history and government because we have a lot of guest speakers. he was a fairly attractive young man named jono. anyways. during the lecture there was this bug. not a roach, but roach-like on his pants. on the crotch of his pants. like, if his fly was open, it would have went in for the kill. hahahaha. it was hilarious. and only like four of us saw it. me and amy almost lost it though. i was so close to laughing out loud.
he also had chest hair hanging out of his shirt. it was rather distracting. i have found here in australia men love to flaunt their chest hair. i do not love it.

i made a couple australian friends in class on wednesday. actually, i think they just think i'm a freak. because i was trying to convince them that nsync is the best band ever.
oh, and in my dance class we learned a dance to a j.lo song. :) it was fun. except for the fact that kathleen, dante, and danny were outside my classroom looking in yelling, "go kate" and attempting to do the dance too. next time, i'm making sure i get a spot far from the window.

yesterday was my free day. i bought a book for class and went to hungry jacks aka burger king. same restaurant, different name. i think i prefer the name hungry jacks. way classier.

what else do i have going on?
a movie night tonight. an australian movie. not sure which one.
i might go to chili's on saturday. we're in sydney and people want to go to chili's. i don't understand, but i will most likely be in attendance anyways.
and clean-up australia day on sunday. i think we might get tee shirts for picking up trash. and you know me, i don't volunteer unless i can get SOMETHING out of it.

as always,

Monday, February 25, 2008

ninja warrior

so. starting in march for two weeks they have this "easter show." danielle, my fake sister was telling me about it. she was psyched!

it's like a carnival. they have animals, rides, shows, the whole bit. but they also have SHOWBAGS. these deals are bags filled with cool stuff for cheap. you can get like $100 worth of stuff for $10. they have all the showbags and their contents listed online. i thought you all might think this one is funny:

1 Ninja Padded Fabric Muscle Top Dress Up $24.95
1 Ninja Weapon Set $10.00
1 Ninja Super Weapon Set $15.00

ninja-ly yours,

Saturday, February 23, 2008

super saturday

my saturday was super.

i went to the beach in the morning. and it was nice. lots of surfer dudes, and a considerable amount of surfer duds. i just laid around, did a crossword, got in to my ankles. but it was nice. there were also a few guys in speedo's. and it was really funny, because they shouldn't have been wearing them. i only took a few pictures while at the beach (one of a guy in a speedo) to be posted later, because there were only like four.

after the beach i went to my service project. each of us in the ASC have to do thirty five hours of service. i'm at this place called Jesus cares. we go out with a van and give homeless people food.
i was kind of dreading it before i left. because. it was saturday night, i left the house at six and i didn't get back until a little after one. but i actually loved it!

the other volunteers are awesome. they aren't just doing this because they think it's a good thing to do, but they really feel called by God. and they really call on God to do a great work among sydney's poor. they have so much faith in God, and so much faith that what they're doing is changing the world. and i think it is.

this one lady jude has been doing it for about four years. and the women on the street call her "mom." :) jude is sooo awesome! she really loves everybody. she honestly has more love than anyone i know. she is absolutely wonderful. she said that people ask her if she feels degraded when prostitutes call her "mom," but she says that it's an honor. seriously, a lovely lady.

anyways. we went out. and the first place we went was sketch as could be. everyone was drunk and screaming. needless to say it was an interesting experience. a drunk man sang me a song. and it didn't make any sense. it reminded me of tony.

the second place was calmer. and everyone there was chill. i made a friend. his name is tamo and he's a native. he's going to make me a pair of earrings.
another girl that was doing service with me is devon. she got asked out. :) she respectfully declined.

another story. (short version). although, not mine. a different girl from my trip, chelsea, was sitting with this transvestite. and he was really sad because someone stole his skirt. just as any one would be. a stolen skirt is a sad story. chelsea told me that she didn't really know what to say, she was kind of freaked out that he wore skirts in the first place. well bork came by (he's from greenland and has a van of clothes) and told him that he had some skirts in his van and he could pick one out. :) amen. i'm glad someone is godly enough to give a transvestite a new skirt.

anyways. that was my night. it was awesome. i loved it.

also, if your name is erika or jessica i got your messages. and i love them. and i'll write back at a later date. but OMG on IandJ. and all of you that stickered me. i love em'! and. all of you that commented on my last post. thank you. :)

as always,

Friday, February 22, 2008

mint gelato

that's about as exciting as my day was today. there was supposedly chocolate in it too, but those haters put an undetectable amount in my cone. if you ever go to australia, more specifically to the mall in burwood and get gelato there. do not be fooled, there is actually no chocolate in the chocolate mint.

my class did go to this HUGE library in sydney today. it was really pretty.
end of story.

girls here wear spandex all the time. and are very trendy. it is kind of disheartening. but even though i may not be the most fashionable, i'm definitely the most charming. ;)

oh, and i tried vegemite. the world is right. gross!

tomorrow i'm going to the beach. and then to feed homeless people.
hopefully i'll take pics at the beach and be able to post some more for you all.


p.s. i think i'm starting to make friends.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

a different side of sydney

first of all. let me answer an assortment of questions asked of me:
*i have not been able to use my puppets yet. i guess people don't think they're as cool as we do.
*the hot towels in the plane were because we'd been on the plane for 14 hours. some people (not myself) were stankin'.
*i'm not sure how to sample eucalyptus. but i'm pretty sure the koalas prefer it for more than its taste.
*public toilets actually are rather clean here. and they ALWAYS have toilet seat covers. excellent.

in other news. i have a roach story. erika already heard it. but for the rest of you.
the four of us girls that i live with get done watching bridget jones. i come into my room. turn on the light. and move my desk chair so i can get on my facebook. a ROACH scurries across the floor into a corner. (roaches are super common here. i mean it is a given they'll get into your house, even if it isn't dirty). so of course i scream. and no one comes to my aid. so i stomp away and grump at jac. i know i am an awful person.then i'm all like 'destiny, you like bugs, get in here.' (again, awful person). well. a half hour later with a soap dish, an envelope, a trash bag, a trash can, and an adapter, destiny and jac kill the thing. i couldn't even watch.
moral of the story: love your neighbor. because one day they may help you kill a roach... or kill a roach for you because you refuse to help.australia is lovely.the roaches i could do without.

on a positive note i think you all should know that my neighborhood is off the chain. i can walk to shops and cafes, the post office, parks, and the bay. :) i can even walk to a ferry stop and take a ferry into the city.

much love,

Saturday, February 16, 2008

taronga park zoo and other wild adventures.

or something like that.

look at me, i'm already writing again. i am not so tired tonight, so maybe this will be more complete.
i have warned several of you already... but for the rest of the world:
do not be insulted if i don't get back to you on facebook. i'm kind of pressed for time, and this blog may be some of the only online free time i have. i love you all, whether i get back to you promptly or not.
i tried to put my pics up on facebook, but it wouldn't work! so maybe i'll try again after i finish this. hopefully it'll work. i did change my profile pic though. it is me with a real, live koala. he was sleeping, but he totally wanted my bod.

the zoo was cool. my favorite part was getting to be right next to the koalas. it was cool. i was really close to kangaroos too but they're definitely not as cute.

oh yes, toilets. i'm not sure how they spin. they just kind of explode. it's hard to explain. they also have water restrictions here so their toilets have two buttons. a half flush button (for pee) and a whole flush button (for poop). my family's toilet water is blue. so when i pee, it turns green! i'm all about the simple things in life.

they have mongolian barbecue here. not as good.

much love,

Friday, February 15, 2008

i made it!

hello all.
sorry it took me so long. but i made it. :) the plane ride from LA to Sydney took 14 hours. I took two naps, looked through a cosmo, did a people magazine crossword, and watched three movies.
1) Mr. Magoriums Wonder Imporium (just for you andrew)
2) Stardust (just for you jess)
3) Bee Movie (just for you erika... well, i know you wanted to see it). :)
it wasn't too bad. it was sweet. the food was okey dokes. they gave us lots of snacks too. and even hot towels. and almost all the flight attendants were chipper australian fellows.

i finished my orientation today. and i actually start school on monday. we have a free weekend this weekend, but i'm not sure what to do with it.

we saw the opera house and the sydney harbor bridge yesterday. mega cool.

i live with three other girls. jac, destiny, and bethany. they're pretty cool. i also live with a fake mom, dad, two fake sisters (14, and 12) and a fake brother (9 or 10?).

sorry this is so short. i am EXHAUSTED. i will post pictures soon. hopefully sunday or monday.

also, i have pics of all you guys in my room. :) so feel cool.
and andrew, i thought of you in detroit when i saw this man wearing leather pants. although, he was also wearing a bra. so he could have been a woman. but definitely looked like a man.
and everyone,
love you.
and already miss you desperately.
happy belated valentines day.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

miss you already. :)

cute, huh? my mom bought me a new suitcase. yay!
but here is some rather important information for you. :)
send regular mail to:
Kate Yocic
ASC - Wesley Institute
P.O. Box 534
Drummoyne, NSW 1470
packages (yeah right, right?) hah:
Kate Yocic
ASC - Wesley Institute
5 Mary Street
Drummoyne, NSW 2047
anyways. i just set this up so that you guys could peer into my life while i'm halfway across the world. so DO IT!

i won't write in it again until i actually leave (monday, feb. 11).

until then,