Thursday, December 25, 2008

why not?

oh, man. this christmas is proving to be pretty groovy.

christmas eve eve. i'm pretty sure i gave my mom alcohol poisoning. not really. but i made a couple of rum and cokes. and. that rum was no joke. there was probably like four shots worth in there. hey, i don't have my tenders license yet. i'm working on it.

christmas eve. the worship leader. best part ever. first off. you probably have to know him. but, he's about as flamboyant as you can get without legally being gay. and. he told this story like he was a shepherd. and referred to himself as a "country bumpkin" and used a bunch of weird slang. i'm pretty sure he found the story online or something but. i'd like to think he made it up himself. then during the candle part. he was on stage, exhaled, and blew out his candle. i kind of missed it. but when emily told me. i laughed heartily.
also, the candles were problematic for another reason. the candles were too small for the little holders that protect you from the wax. the wax was outta control. and burned poor lil' john mark. he was freakin' out.
present favs: biscotti pan and recipes, big comfy sweater, and a basket from 10,000 villages (originally from uganda).
movies i'm forcing you to watch: pee wee's big adventure, and blow.

christmas. present fav: navy (opening night) opi nail polish.
also. we had a lovely fried fiasco. no ham or turkey here. christmas dinner = fried fish, coconut shrimp, fried shrimp, french fries, and fried mushrooms. don't hate. you know you wish you had that for dinner.

post christmas. tomorrow i'm going out to breakfast with ettienne and janni. ihop. exciting times. then in the evening, i'm flying out to new jersey to see jac.

merry christmas kiddies,

Monday, December 22, 2008


i hate lizzi.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

it's the cheesiest

i am home. alone. lost in new york.
actually, only the first sentence is true. my dad is here, and i'm in ann arbor.

in any case. i'm wearing as many colors as i thought i could get away with today. teal tank top, hot pink sweater, purple shoes. i don't think it makes sense at all. but it makes me happy.

i don't think i've been up to anything too terribly interesting. tuesday i went to kimmy's and hung out with katie and nick all day. we made chocolate covered pretzels and cookies. i wasn't allowed to decorate the cookies though. i think kimmy would have murdered me. she's a perfectionist, and let's be real. my cookies would have looked like a five year old did them.
the highlight of my night was eating roughly three pounds of cheese. not really. but i did eat a heck of a lot of velveeta with my tortilla chips. we justified it by eating celery too.
i'm pretty sure i'm not human anymore. i'm composed mostly of velveeta now.

yesterday i played rockband for the first time. it was a lot of fun. me, elisabeth, and sarah made a great band! :) and. i decided what i'm wearing to alice's reception. good thing i have people to direct me.

anyways. hopefully by next post i have something more interesting to talk about than the ingestion of massive amounts of artificial melted cheese.

kate :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i am already rich in christmas presents. what can i say? i'm loved. first, i must tell you of franklin chompster.

i wore franklin to the metts christmas party. it was a hit! i got a compliment on it from some radical friends, and a couple of middle-aged women. :) everyone wanted to wear it too. at one point i took it off because i was dancing and i didn't want him to hit me in the face or something. which, scott really needs to watch his pelvis while he's dancing. some children and like five peoples faces got in the way of his groove. and gabe needs to watch his hands. he "accidentally" touched an unidentified girls crotch. AND. tony would not dance. booooo. anyways, while franklin was not being worn by me, scott (the snake guy, which btw we're friends with now) put it on twice (both times under his shirt), and this guy gabe from FACING AWAY (rob vischer's band) wore it too.

i have to be careful though because if the skeleton is not in the right place he can chomp the wrong spot. :) and no one likes a crotch chomper.

i also got lots of other goodies. travel boggle (YEAH MOM), dinosaur toast cutters, dancin' grannies begginers workout video, and the spongebob squarepants movie. :) these things i can't wear. but am excited to watch/play/cut with.

in other news. me and erika made a video, which most of you have seen. and it brought our long lost friend steve dunn back into our lives. which, we haven't spoken to in like three years. since one day, we went to his room and it was empty. hahahahaha.

lastly. we had a party in my social work class today. all of the social work majors go through their classes together. so basically we had a celebration for the social work class of 2009. i'm not really in it. but i had fun anyways. we had breakfast. AND. awards. me and hannah duran got most likely to be in a reality t.v. show. so, erika, jessica. it's on. we can make ours now. and it was so legit because i got a certificate signed by none other than michael siler himself. AND. we all got little books that everybody signed. i NEED to include this. i already shared it with a few of you, but. c'mon. you cannot wonder why i love this guy anymore. :) michael hart wrote to me: "Your radiant personality rivals that of fair Andromeda twinkling in the heavens above." michael hart has my heart (to heart).

catch you on the flip,

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

good morning.

i know i just wrote in this a couple days ago, but there are some new things, and things i forgot to tell you before that i want you to know.

1) my dad is shaving his beard over break. since i've known him (all of 21 years) he's looked like a mix of sadaam hussein, and mr. edwards from little house on the prairie. without his beard, he will look like neither of them. i am terribly frightened of this. he has assured me this will only be a temporary change, but. i am in no way excited about this. he is excited to try out a goatee, stache, and soul patch as he gradually shaves it all. still, i'm not.

2) tony. tony left us a message on our answering machine at 10:34 this morning. what he described as "too got dang early." it started out with a cluck. and ended with a cock-a-doodle-doo. i'm not sure why really. he just said, "i want to leave you with some noises." he also moo'd.

3) still, tony. tony brought erika a piece of sweet potato pie during her class. she called me to come pick it up from the poling center. me and erin split it. earlier this week erin overheard tony talking in the library about how if you give a girl a piece of sweet potato pie she'll fall in love with you. we're not sure if that means erika will, since he gave it to her. or if both erin and myself will fall for him since we ate it. i feel no ill effects yet. erin's not in love yet either.

thank you for your ears.


Sunday, November 30, 2008


i really wish i had great folklore for you. but alas, i do not.
my break had no crazy happenings really.
i beat katie (and tommy) three times in a row at trivial pursuit. but that should be no surprise. ;)

oragutan island's new season comes out tonight. me and my mom are excited for that.
i played boggle all weekend with my mom. just as i had hoped. and baked "muffin top cookies" with my dad. i think he's pretty proud of himself for naming the creation.

i bought nearly all my christmas presents for people. and myself. :) i ended up getting myself a couple pairs of earrings and a ring. but i couldn't help it. i'm pretty sure 10,000 villages is my new favorite store. my mom also bought me a vietnamese tea set there, for my 21st birthday. yayyyy.

me and my mom skipped church today. because we're bad.

i owe emily 1,000,000 dollars. so. i'll send you the check today! (or tomorrow).

and i am officially excited for being at school for only twelve days. this semester has made me want to kill myself bi-weekly. i'm ready for something new.

much love,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

weirdo mcbeardo

i am reminiscing about australia today. and.

australians you should be inspired me:

*the liquor store clerk who used bethany's card even though it came out to less than $10, because it was easter. and easter is magical.
*timmy. the dancing homeless man. whose mom loves jake from three and half men. he also writes letters to america concerning hillary clinton.
*the man who bought only pop and candy with his food voucher.
*the little boy at the bus stop, who met dante, and offered me donuts.
*jim, my Bible teacher who always told us "i don't know what the hell i'm saying."
*the homeless man that looked like santa and kissed me on my cheek.
*ben. the homeless man who loved group hugs... and thought i was beautiful. haha.
*jeff the giant. who told crazy-eye craig "she is not small. she is a mighty woman of God! now take that back."
*the hot cotton-on guy.
*the man with the pink fanny-pack and the drag queen friend who gave me glitter.
*the pregnant woman we stalked (she knew it) in order to get to the swans game.
*dylan. our host brother's out of control friend who ate half a cake in one sitting.

that covers it for now. i don't miss the place so much. i mean, it was fantastic, you all should go. but i miss the people. i had such great encounters with weird people. people in spring arbor are pretty normal. maybe i just need to look harder.

much love,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

everybody scream.

news on the homefront. i feel like there is a lot. but i really could be mistaken.

first off, i'm in love. not really. but close enough. that is all i can divulge.
second off, i will officially be in nyc (or close enough to it) for new years. yay. my life has finally become exciting.

okay. those are my two really big chunks of news.

me and erika went to two concerts this week. the first was our link concert. we raised a little over $175 for little aids babies in africa. me and erika caught the groove, and shook it all night. it was cool because the first band was dan, ben, steffan, and austin. all people i know and love. they got cheered for extra loud, but really, i cheered loudly for everyone. as did erika. and sometimes our cheering was synchronized. steve smith played, which is always excellent. also this guy named joshua keene (he doesn't go to our school). he seemed a little douchey to me. but, maybe that was just my impression. also, he was not hot or single, which... why are you even here?

the second concert was for homeless awareness deal. it was also splendid. the bands did well. let's see. the happy hippie played. which, made me happy. so did the gryzb brothers (or however you spell it). jake's screamo band. which his screaming at one point was really neat. i yelled out "that was neat!" and then realized that's probably not cool to say at a screamo concert. the boy that dates the girl across the hall played... i don't know his name. and jamin's band. other highlights of the concert were: brian falling out of his chair, pilgrim dancing, and erika screaming. all normal occurences, but extra fun last night.

i feel that is enough for you to digest right now.

in the words of tony:
love, peace, and hair grease,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cause of death: rain

10 reasons why i want to go outside and drown myself in the rain:

10) jessica is missing
9) living religions class
8) no one can remember my name, and when they think they do they call me katie
7) people either want you to know how liberal or conservative they are, and don't let up
6) my brain hurts
5) things aren't clean
4) i still have another six months left in school
3) mo-jo didn't feed us in class last week, when he told us not to come full (babette's feast video)
2) i feel uninspired
1) no one will "stock it up" at work

there are good things in my life too. for one, it's not raining, so i will be alive the next time you see me. also, i live with my best friends. (almost). and i think i may get to visit my jac attack over christmas break. also, josh guy threw rocks at our window and called us and left a very elaborate message with karis. and. andrew called us from outside our window too. how excellent! if there is one good thing in my life, i can say it is my village window. indeed.

still alive and kickin',

Friday, November 7, 2008

i'm officially white.

i feel obligated to update you on my life. although, i'm not sure a lot has been happening lately. i am growing up though. because. i wear makeup, own and (sometimes) wear heels, and like coffee (not black yet, but with cream and sugar... it's a step). and i voted. i feel accomplished. :) i, along with every other person who isn't devastated by mccain's loss am sick of hearing people whine about it though. better luck next time.

i'm going home this weekend (if you're reading this before i get there, surprise mom. hahaha). i just need to get off campus for a little bit. i'm sick of this hell-hole. ;) i'm looking forward to catching up on intervention and hanging out with my mama!

last weekend was splendid. friday was trunk or treat. saturday i went to nate and missy's and saw liz and jeff (flame-head/little face). we decided to give him terrible nickname's before we ever met him, but then he was nice, and we decided not to use them. we ate donuts and played games galore. including scum. and my baby thinks i'm white. :( (more on that later).
and sunday was an art show on campus. it was really good stuff, and really good food! :) yayyy.

now for my baby thinking i'm white.
nate and missy have two babies. micah is two and isaac is actually a baby. so me and erika were playing the color game with micah. which is where one of us points to a color and micah says what it is. well, screams what it is. things weren't just red. they were REDDDDD!!!!! which i encouraged. so we're playing the game. and micah points to erika's hand and says, "what color is this?" i told him it was white. but he said, "no" and pointed to something that was actually white. so i told him she was peach, to which he replied "PEACH!!!!" so we continue playing, "what color is mommy?" "PEACH!!!" and a few questions later. erika asks. "what color is kate?" "WHITE!!!" i hope to goodness that he said that because i was wearing a long sleeve white tee shirt. i really hope. *sigh*

also. my name is kate. not katie. why is this so gosh darn hard?

much love,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

purple polka dots

i wish i had grand adventures to tell you of. but. i do not.
and. the internet at the arbor is being wack. i can't look at all the secrets on postsecret. sundays are ruined. because. i'm a heathen and that is my favorite part of sunday.

speaking of heathens, tomorrow is halloween. me, erika, and andrew are going to be at trunk or treat. if you are not sure what that is. it's at the church in spring arbor. you decorate your trunk and hand out candy to kiddies. you know, with trick or treating being safe and all these days. we're doing a hannah montana theme. always popular. :)
i'm hannah this year. and since jessica didn't bless us with her wig. do you still have that even? we bought a new one. it was like to my waist though, so erika cut it for me. we converted a left over pirate goatee from last year into a mustache so andrew could be robby ray (hannah's dad) and erika will be lola again this year! yay. i'm excited. i like seeing cute babies in costume.

we spent the night cutting out purple polka dots and yellow stars to decorate our trunk. we also borrowed tony's hannah montana poster (yes. for real). and erika made PERFECT "HM" letters for her logo. :)

also i voted. sent in my absentee. i'm a real adult these days. voting for president and all.

good luck and good riddance,

Sunday, October 26, 2008


i think i'm becoming a real adult. i'm becoming disillusioned and disenchanted with it all. so in light of this dreary development i decided to remember things i love about the world:

*hotel pens
*thirsty thursdays in the library (okay, just the one)
*compliments. :) who doesn't love those?
*artsy people like erika who show me pretty leaves
*coffee/sacred grounds
*vocabulary words
*the moon
*being upside down
*speaking in accents
*people with genuine accents
*singing in the car with katie
*making other people laugh
*moths (well, certain moths) ;)
*black nail polish
*when the air smells like a certain season
*being alone
*weird dreams
*tattoos (not on me, on other people)
*beards (not on me, on other people)
*rugby players... and their shorts
*my dog sometimes
*going out to eat with my mom
*trying new things
*ethnic foods
*trivial pursuit, puzzles, jeopardy, cold case files, etc.
*the bradley family
*good memories
*martini glasses
*a nice set of eyebrows
*flying by clouds
*peanut butter/george washington carver
*truly kind people

there you have it. hotel pens through chapstick.
everything right with the world.


Monday, October 20, 2008

freakin' weekend.

hola homies!

this past weekend was fall break. and let me just say it was one of the most splendid weekends EVER.

how can you go wrong with:
*project runway marathon

*applebees nachos

*me and erika sharing a bed


*erika acting like she doesn't know people she does


*eating sushi outside


*tower inn pasta

*laying on the floor in utter craziness

*watching ellen with emily

*going out and about

*listening to craigs ravings

*listening to pat talk in a british accent

*dressing up

*dollar menu while driving

*a marvelous wedding

*"look erika, it's the coolest, most wonderful guy in the world."

*cheesecake outside

*best nap EVER

*playing eleven, on our bodies

*almost famous

*subway and ice tea out of martini glasses

*community floor tour/notes of encouragement
*friends (not real ones, the show)

*sleeping in


*taco hell

*my cup flipping over in the car and "fu fu fuf"

*tony's antics

*ruining jake's life

all in all. a most excellent weekend no doubts about it.

my favorite part. as was erika's was the cemetary. we came upon it by accident. we were in ypsi driving back from my hair appointment and i missed my turn down cross. so i'm going to turn around when erika's artist eye spots the most charming graveyard. hahahahaha. it was really pretty. the trees had turned and the graves were very decorated. we walked around it before hopping in the car and really turning down cross street.

much love,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

a few things.

it's true.
i only have a few things i find vitally important to express to you this week.

1) michael hart. simple as that.
2) i was on a field trip last week. this man was washing windows in this office building. we needed to know where to go. so he walked us to the office we wanted. he told us that it was a welcomed distraction since, "i'm a paranoid scitzophrenic and a lot of cars were passing by the windows. they were calling me nasty names."
3) me and erika created a song. it's basically the best collaboration ever. it goes something like this: "mona lisa is my great grandmother. pickle, pickle, pickle time." (repeated).

also. you can look at my previous blog for photos finally.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

yeah, i'm 21. so what?

hey guys.

my birthday was monday. and it was all it was cracked up to be. ;) thank you to all of those who love me enough to call me, card me, text me, orangutan island me, or do other things to me. haha.

what to report on...
ian never came. we'll leave it at that.

but. we went out to ice cream on saturday anyways. the picture erika had to take. i tried to take two before that. the first was of just andrew, the second of everyone but me. good thing erika has a bit more talent than me.

sunday we went out to dinner. i think our waitress could sense jessica's out of body presence with us. since she gave us an extra straw. quesadilla burger = yum.
also, outside of walmart (next to applebees) i saw the most wonderful thing in all creation. there was this bike with a wagon thing hooked to the back of it. as most bikes are decorated for the season it had a witch attached to the front and all sorts of goodies in the cart, including an etch-a-sketch. perhaps it was santa claus' cousin, manta blaus -- who delivers presents to bad little children on halloween, and gives good little children burning brown paper bags filled with poop on their porch. just a thought.
that night andrew came over and tortured us with his torture contraption. erika liked it the most.

monday was my real birthday. i felt blessed to receive a homemade "candle" from archie. he used supplies all found at sacred grounds. God bless his creativity. i regret to inform you that i did not burn it. i was worried that it may be toxic.

tuesday was like my extended birthday. not really. but it was fun. me and erika went crazy because we had to get out of the "hell-hole" that is our room. hahahaha. we went outside for a walk. we screamed, and danced, and i don't even know. we also looked at the world upside down and then came home and listened to stairway to heaven. it was one of the best nights i can remember. guess it doesn't take much to please me. :)

love you all,

p.s. pictures will be added. blogger is upsetting me by not loading them right now. arggggh.

Friday, October 3, 2008

welcome to detroit, mother f'er.

hello america.

not too much exciting news for this week.
i went on a field trip to detroit on tuesday. i'm not really sure why we went. we didn't do anything educational really, but whatever. i got a falafel pita while i was there (which my professor paid for) so, it wasn't a total waste.
we went to this mosque. for like a total of ten minutes. but, it was really very beautiful.
no. i did not take this picture. i'm not that much of a tourist.

i think the interesting stuff shall take place this weekend. ian should be coming. but who really knows with that kid. me and erika have a great dress-up plan, and we are going shopping for beautiful dresses (related to a different dress-up plan).


but. i'm just excited that fall is here. i like clear, brisk days. they're my favorite.
today as i was walking out of the gym, listening to lil wayne, the weather was perfect. and the world looked perfect. and it was just one of those moments when you realize you're exactly where you're supposed to be.


as always,

p.s. how do you feel about the title jessica?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

all these wonderful happenings

there are some things i think you should know.

a long time ago. not saturday, but the one before. me and erika attended a bonfire. there were many people there, including this guy who i think is an idiot. i told erika that the idiot guy was there and used discreet movements to indicate where.
erika decided to jerk her head suddenly, look right at him, gasp, and then jerk her head suddenly back around. why? i'm not sure.
this is not the first time it's happened. and i'm pretty sure the idiot thinks i think he's hot or something now. :-/
but. that is one of the hundred reasons that i love erika. because she ruins my reputation.

also, on the topic of me and erika being freaks. we went to taco bell thursday night. and took honestly, seven minutes in the drive-thru to figure out what we wanted. the man spoke to us three times saying, "i can help you... whenever you're ready...." hahaha. we got grilled stuffed burriots and they changed our lives. revolutionary.

now. let us move onto some things you should know in the religious realm.
last sunday pastor mark told the congregation that suffering is random and meaningless. this made me a very happy camper. i'm really tired of christians dressing suffering up.

and i am suffering through my liturgical theology book:
"The real work of the Spirit is his work in the church. Only within the ecclesial context is the Spirit as the 'firstfruits' of the new creation actualized. This actualization takes place in the Eucharist, where the 'already' and the 'not yet' are held together. In the eucharistic worship of the church, the Spirit actualizes the past through anamnesis and anticipates prolepsis when created things are transfigured (or "transibstantiated," if you like). In this anticipation, something of the future--a foretaste--is realized as the Father is epiclesis to send the Holy Spirit in the Eucharist. Anamnesis and prolepsis are the two poles held together in the present as the church invokes the Spirit's presence in its eucharistic celebration."

also. upon reminding my father that my 21st birthday is in eight days he told me, "that is old enough to get married." and suggested an arranged marriage with a muslim. tis true. i decided fair enough. i am going to the biggest mosque in america on tuesday (field trip) and did just convert a piece of fabric into a headdress to cover my hair for that occassion. i could also use it once i'm married to my muslim husband. my dad suggested i just use his du rag for the mosque visit. but thought the fabric to be a bit classier then his skull and crossbone du rag.

lastly, i watched the worst movie ever on saturday. erika. i only got a half hour through it. it was called "reverend i'm available." it was about this widower who is a reverend and these three women in the congregation who are after him. i turned it off after the reverend bangs the chick in cheetah print. there was no sex scene but he was in his bathrobe like, "you kept me up last night." and she was like, "there is more where that came from. but get ready. we're going to be late for church." hrmmmm. it was classified as a "gospel musical comedy." and it was very low budget. i'm pretty sure me and erika could have (but would not have) made that movie.

i understand that this post is quite disjointed. but, who are we kidding? i am a terribly disjointed person. and. in spite of all these wonderful happenings, i'm still sad. while we're being honest.


Friday, September 19, 2008

oh, f.

wednesday was arbor games. our theme was punks.

i got so many compliments on my look that i am considering changing it to punk permanently. yes, dad. it's true.

also, yes, that is karis in the picture above. our new transfer. she did my hair. like, it came natural to her. i have a few questions now....

anyways. i competed in all but one of the games at arbor games this year. even the tug of war. which, was great because i've been workin' my guns at jazzercise.

what else?

i participated in the bat spin. and looked really cool. i guess me looking cool depends upon your definition. like, if falling over and nearly running into five people is your definition of cool. i'm there.

i feel so very uninspired lately. my blog is so boring. blarrgggggh.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

looking sharp

so. i'm all about dressing up and looking good.
on sunday me, erika, andrew, and erin dressed up and looked really good. we took lots of pictures. and graced the world with our beauty. the picture above is us pretending to be me. we did these for everybody. but this is my blog, and you all are interested in me. so that is the one i chose to display.

also, in the interest of looking sharp. we got new shirts at sacred grounds today. they are okey dokes. polos. argggh. polos. (yes, i needed to say it twice).

not a lot of things to update you on. classes are alright. field trips galore. to detroit. well, at least one of them is to detroit. the other one (yes, two constitutes galore) is at a secret location. it's probably some cult thing in which they sacrifice one student. most likely me, i heard cults and witches and stuff like to sacrifice virgins. :-/
or maybe that was ancient greeks, or incas, or mayans. in any case. i am up for elimination.

i'm coming home this weekend to celebrate ms. emily's 21st. too bad i am too small to get in anywhere and not nearly flirty enough to go that route.

today in chapel this girl referred to chuck white as chuck white 222. i have reason to believe he is a robot. or at least a handsome man who fancies bow ties. or at least a handsome robot who fancies bow ties. i'm not sure. i wonder what happened to chuck white model 111....

the vampire is okay. i rather like her. hopefully she likes me enough (or not enough) to not bite me.

i'm sure this made very little sense and only 10% of it is actually true. but, c'mon. what do you really expect from me?


Saturday, September 6, 2008


i'm back at school. it was nice to see everyone. except jessica, not because it was bad to see her, but because i didn't. she decided to abandon us and go on a wacky adventure to disney world. shame. i guess i went on an adventure too, but i didn't leave you with a vampire. yes, a vampire. i have reasons for my suspicions.

also, thank you for the coins. :)

i bought lotion from the store the other day. it has glitter in it. i didn't know that at the time. i'm not sure how i feel about this.

i wore spandex the other day. for real wore it. not sure how i feel about that either.
i think i just o.d.'d on peanut butter.
i worked out three days in a row.

much love,

Monday, September 1, 2008

i to the max

yesterday me and my dad went to see journey to the center of the earth imax.
i know, right? his choice. i just go along with it now. since last time we tried to go to the movies we got in a huge fight over which movie to see (he would ONLY watch RV) and didn't end up going at all.

it wasn't as bad as i had anticipated. the imax part helped.

and when we got home my dad put his glasses on and pretended they worked with the t.v. hahahahaha. you probably had to be there.

i went "grocery shopping" last night. that's when i go through our cupboards at home and find food i want to take to school with me. my mom tried to regulate. hater. i took all the food i wanted anyway. hahahaha. i know, i'm a brat.

life moves fast.
and. sometimes it's hard to tell if you're really happy or just convincing yourself that you should be. i guess it really doesn't matter.

i seriously need a game of dress-up. hopefully i'll find a companion to play with in 24 hours. and perfect, i just realized i still have the imax glasses in my purse!

as always,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

lisa the dentist impersonator.

yesterday i was majorly thrilled to go to the dentist.
until i found out linda, the lady who usually brushes my teefers for me was absent. due to a case of poison ivy. i mean, cmon linda, you're killing me here.
i got lisa instead. who seemed nice enough to begin with. she teaches self-defense classes, has a therapy dog, and goes on medical mission trips. nice enough, right?
until you realize she's a total psycho.
she shut a mans head in her car door several times on purpose. i'm glad i made it out alive. darn lisa.

also, my dentist is a total loser too. dr. hall. he tries way too hard to be funny, and let's be real, LAME. i wanted to punch him in his face several times. "i'm just so angry, i think i'll take it out on the next young lady i see lisa." to which i replied, "go for it." some people.

in other important news. i was obsessed with brownies at friday's and left our waitress, semptember, notes of appreciation.
me and emily smoked josh and craig at cornhole. and the eber boys (minus the extra small one) stopped by on accident.
i dressed up like a lumberjack.

lumberly yours,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the dutchess.

yes, i did go to the birth place of fergie. california.
also, the birthplace of danny.
i actually saw danny, not fergie.

it was a very enjoyable time. we went to huntington beach, in-n-out, a parking structure with an electronic sign that tells you how many spots are available (yes, noteworthy for certain), chargers open practice, stepbrothers, the new target, balboa park and snuck into the hall of champions and the science center, sea world, universal studios, santa monica, medieval times, the park.

i know. busy girl, right?
extra noteworthy events:
*calls from jac and kathleen
*the parking structure with the electronic sign
*honestly, chargers practice was pretty cool. and we made a friend with a deranged man. who thought i was an infant.
*"you know what's good for shoulder pain? if you lick my butthole." - stepbrothers

*taking pictures of myself at target with their cameras on display :)
*being sneaky
*science center was sweet. a little like COSI.
*f-ing shamu. splashing us when we were cold. i hate that whale. except for his fireworks.
*meeting spongebob .
*looking stupid/sick in every single roller coaster picture.
*the kids club at medieval times.
*beautiful weather. :)

but i'm back. and better than ever.


Monday, July 28, 2008


i'm at work. i'm tired. when my boss isn't here, i take naps sometimes. she's here, but i tried to take one anyway. i got too scared, it didn't happen.

also, i think i signed something that said they can always see what i'm doing on the internet. so let's hope they don't see this. my boss called me efficient today though, so. i think this is excusable, i'm still efficient.
i tried to save something fifteen minutes ago. guess it didn't take. pretty ticked. why i am blogging instead of working. work doesn't deserve me. yes, i am blaming the lack of save on everything and everyone but myself.

in other news. i have suspicions my brother is homeless. like most young men he comes over to the house weekly or bi-weekly to do his laundry. but, yesterday when he was over he also shaved and showered. my mom suspected it was because he has a girlfriend. if this hypothesis is in fact correct, then i would be led to suspect that his girlfriend is also homeless.

i also found out something new that brings me joy. although, im not sure it will ever bring me joy again due to its rarity in nature. tiny asian girls in matching pink shirts with giant frog faces on them.

oui oui,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

jessica is not my roomate. and other life ruining incidents.

jessica is not my roomate.
i am tired. really tired.
i have to go to the bathroom. but am too tired to get up and do so.
i would rather be a character from a children's book than myself.
my dad talks through every t.v. show i love.
they do not have psych ondemand.
i finally got up to go to the bathroom but my mom was in there.
my dog doesn't love me anymore.
the new spaghetti salad from hillers is made out of angelhair pasta. which i detest. (fat noodles, right jamar?)

au revoir,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

so. maybe i'm not on death's doorstep.

don't worry jamar. :) i'm fine.
things aren't peachy keen right now. i'm still a little off. but really maybe not as life altering as originally anticipated.

in other news.

more things that bring me joy:
*home alone every day before christmas (yes, jessica, on point with both of these)
*eminem songs
*bright smiles

today at work we had LGBT training. which is always a treat. i met a man named victor, (who reminded me how much joy bright smiles give me) he was rather enchanting. but he was abused by his former partner. booo.
i almost cried during training. but, that's no surprise.

all my children was mildly entertaining today, although i was in a meeting and missed half of it.
:( i am rather looking forward to wipeout tonight! phil inspires me in his crippled state. his t.v. choices are impecable.

peace up, a-town down,

Monday, July 21, 2008

so much for joy....

life moves fast. and one day you find joy in everything, whereas the next, you find it in absolutely nothing.

absolutely nothing.

“Aren’t all these notes the senseless writhings of a man who won’t accept the fact that there is nothing we can do with suffering except to suffer it? Who still thinks there is some device (if only he could find it) which will make pain not to be pain. It doesn’t really matter whether you grip the arms of the dentist’s chair or let your hands lie in your lap. The drill drills on.”
-C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

i don't know what i'm doing. i don't know where i am.

sorry so glum,

Sunday, July 20, 2008


so i have decided to bless the world by continuing my blog. i have found that my blog brings joy to millions of (or approximately six) people. so because i am so accomodating, i will continue 'a dingo ate your baby mate!' as 'from my own head.' 'from my own head' comes from the fact that when i say an acutely clever or generally moronic statement people often ask, 'where'd you get that from?' to which i most positively answer 'from my own head.' enjoy party peoples!

some things that bring me joy, that i think should bring you joy as well:

1) my blog
2) people using weird voices
3) well-behaved children
4) people that try really hard to help out
5) good conversationalists... or at least cheery ones
6) parents and children in harmony (shut up, i know it's cheezy haha)
7) open body language and genuine smiles given to total weirdos
8) the new guy at barnes n' noble starbucks (numbers 2, 4, and 5)

also. i have observed that people named candy/candi/candie are generally pleasant in nature.

that is all.

keepin it real,

Friday, June 13, 2008


so. this is what my roomates catch me doing with danny in my room (don't worry it's G rated. LITERALLY).

also. i believe this will be my last blog. i head off to new zealand in two days. so. pray for me. :) i'll be home soon.

much love,

Saturday, June 7, 2008

debrief (and not the good kind).

hello everyone,

yesterday we had our ASC debrief. we still have another week here, and then five days in new zealand. but. we did it anyways.
i really can't believe this. like. i've wanted to go home and see you all for a while now. but, now that it is actually going to happen. i'm not ready at all.
i'm going to miss so many things. and so many people.
i'm going to miss (which you probably won't understand, but still):
*sweet chili sauce
*patisserie dates with my roomates
*palm trees
*big city living
*tim tams
*the snack drawer
*danny and jac when they're together and being completely ridiculous
*the girl with the zebra bag
*homeless people
*danny. and laughing with him. and the weird split personalities he creates.
*bethany. and making fun of the t.v. with her. and lying about everyone to everyone.
*kathleen. and how she talks to herself. and how she always makes me feel gorgeous.
*jac. and panicked monkey. and her jurassic park 3 type commentaries.
*dawn. and her colorful personality. and her dance moves.
*amy. and date days. and her reeling me in.

my goodness, this is going to be harder than i thought.

during debrief we had to reflect on a lot of things. and how they hit us. and. i just want to tell you two things.
1) What do you regret?
Not spending more time with people who needed it.
2) What beliefs did you outgrow?
People are what they've done.

i am terribly sad. that is all.


Friday, May 30, 2008

if i find that hat in your den....

brian meagher. today is the day you've been waiting for all semester.
i went on a date. and it wasn't with a homeless person.
*drum roll please* as if all of you didn't see this coming. i went out to dinner with danny last friday. :)
and it was rather lovely. because. we went to this burger place in kings cross. now, let me clarify. by burger place. i don't mean hungry jacks. it was good burgers. hahahaha. and by kings cross, i mean sydney's red light district. because. why would i go on a date anywhere else?
after dinner. we had ice cream.
we were standing outside of this store eating our ice cream. and this homeless man was nearby. like saying to girls as they walked by, "good evening lovely ladies." pimptacular, no?
so. he starts talking to us. and. by the end of it. he's like. 'alright. hugs.' so. me and danny are on either side. and we give him side hugs. and he goes, 'no. hugs all around.' so. it turns into a group hug. and. the guy is weird. and really close to our faces. but. we pulled away without incident.
most girls dates end with them hugging both their date AND a homeless man, right?

so that saturday we went to featherdale wildlife park. it was cool. you could pet koalas. and emus. and wallabies. and birds. and kangaroos.
you know. legit.
that is all i have to say about that.

saturday night was my last night with Jesus Cares, the food van i've been going out with. so we go out to woolloomooloo with no incident. and off to belmore park we go. so. i get out of the van. and grab a dessert from the dessert table/ironing board (because i have no shame). and i hear, "hello beautiful." i look up. and. it is the man from the night before. that hugged me and danny. hahahahahahahaha. his name is ben.
and this is the most excellent world. just for that.

not too much else exciting happened during my week. until thursday.

i didn't have school. danny took me out again.
this time we saw a 3D imax movie. and. it was called "dinosaurs: giants of patagonia." :)
it was danny's idea because he knows that dinosaurs are my favorite animal.
how cute, right?

today is my roomate bethany's 21st birthday. we're having a party at danny and dantes house. and everyone is coming. it's going to be the bomb. trust me, i'm on the party planning committee. hahahaha. the theme is monochrome 21.
i'm going to be green.
and. we're having a sundae bar. and pumpin' jams.
21 never sounded so good.

so until next time my loves,

p.s. dad. i was at a pub. and i saw "bangers and mash" on the menu. i hope that makes your day. ;)
p.p.s. all you grizzly man lovers. i watched it a couple weeks ago. and also exposed my roomates and danny to it. hallelu!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

long time, no blog

sorry for being gone for so long.
i just kind of gave up on making australia sound fun.
but i'm back. and better than ever.
and australia is fun, really.

note: if you're andrew. don't read this paragraph. because i just copied this from a message to you. hah.
a couple weekends ago i went on a class trip. we did some pretty cool things. like i played the digeridoo. and threw a boomerang. i couldn't get the boomerang to return. but no one else could either. so. it was okay by me. we also got to dress up like animals and dance around a fire. hahaha. which, you know is something i would do by my own volition.
our teacher is this aboriginal lady. and she assigned us our totems (what animals we are). she assigned me as a kookaburra. because they're really loud. :) but. she said she thinks i have a lovely laugh. those wise aboriginal women.
we also made baskets out of bark. mine was horrendous. ah well. it was the experience. hahahaha. and the boys made spears. i know, right?

in other news. last sunday i went to homeless church. as a volunteer, not a homeless person. i went with devon and chelsea. and. they made us get up in front of everyone and sing. like a worship team or something. which, none of us can sing. that was probably more horrendous than the basket i crafted out of bark in the bush. but. this one man said we sounded like angels. i think he may have been crazy. like legitimately, homeless man crazy.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

it's about that time

7:25pm. tuesday, may 6.
it's about that time. the time where i want to come home more than anything.
and i want to see you all. more than anything.

this week has had its highlights. don't get me wrong.
i adventured in the city with amy.
i went to the bathroom at the opera house. and oh my gosh. can i just say? i would live in their bathrooms. so posh. ;)
i think i did pretty well on my greek test.
a man at salvation army with a $15 voucher for a weeks worth of groceries bought only pop and candy.
saturday i got to dress up like a frog. it was for a birthday party. but you all know how much i love to dress up.
and yesterday. well yesterday was actually rather wonderful. i just watched t.v. with danny all day. and laughed a lot. and then we met up some party peeps at pancakes on the rocks for kelsey's 21st. and i got bananarama pancakes. :) bananas, ice cream, butterscotch. holler.

but it's not yesterday. it's today. tuesday, may 6. and i just want to go home.

don't worry guys. i'll be fine. i always am.
and i'm sure by tomorrow. i'll want to stay here forever.

so until next time around,

Sunday, April 27, 2008

go shawty, it's your birfday.

greetings friends! i am still alive. indeed, it is true.
we had a long weekend this weekend. surprise, right? except that is our last little break. aaaaah!

but. let us rewind. to wednesday.
danny and i went to see 50cent/g-unit in concert. and it was spectacular. :)

the opening act was hilarious. it was like these two aboriginal rappers. who straight sucked. one of their songs went a little something like, "i'm an aboriginee, can't you see?" and they danced really weird. the next opening act was a group called finesse. and they weren't that bad. they were kind of legit.

oh, and the whole time. there was this trailer trash man behind us. like, he had the stache and everything. and he was whistling the whole time. like. at random times, really shrill. i wanted to kill him. erika and jessica. you know i wanted to kill him. more than anything. although the trailer trash man was crazy, we did make some not crazy friends. there were two girls sitting next to us. and we totally made friends. because me and danny make friends wherever we go! :) they like blocked out our schedules for the next two months. haha. and are our facebook friends, which means it is for real. it's not official until it's facebook official.

so after like 2 1/2 hours of waiting, 50 finally gets his butt out on stage with tony yayo and lloyd banks. (in the picture he is the one in the middle.) and he was sweet. as you can see from the pictures we weren't all in his grill. but it wasn't as far as it seems. i'm pretty sure we made eye contact. ;) haha. he played all his good stuff.

katie. when we went into the concert the security guards didn't check me for weapons. they didn't know i brought my guns. 50 played many men and i brought out my guns. danny did too. wish you could've been there. :) he also played our favorite. patiently waiting. he kept making the beat drop and then stopping it like, "didn't we already play this one? no. we didn't." and then did that like four times. i kept getting really excited and yelling, "yo em, you know you my favorite white boy, right?" and then he'd cut me off. so by the time he actually played the song, i didn't even yell that. 50 did a lot of that gimmicky stuff. that is the only thing that i was like, 'for real 50?' he was making me mad. like if he could hear me, i would have told him he was an idiot.

what else? at one point he like stopped the concert and said, "what the fuck? there's bubblegum on my shoe." and then he picked it off. and that was HILARIOUS. he won back my heart with that one. and. at the end. he was like throwing his hat and his shoes and stuff into the crowd. and then he pulled down his pants. hahahaha. and he was just standing on stage in his boxers for like 20 seconds. i told danny to take a picture. but he declined. hrrrrm.

thursday i went to salvation army. it sucked a bit because i only got three and a half hours of sleep the night before. but my day was brightened when i saw timmy again! haha. i was working in the second hand store. and he came in with a book. he asked for a pen. since, you know how timmy likes to write. i gave him one. he told me the book was a book on religion. i am sure he didn't buy it. and i'm sure he took the pen and wrote his thoughts on religion inside it and left it at the store. i probably shouldn't have let him do it. but i thought whoever picked up the book next would have a good time deciphering timmy talk. :) i wanted to find it. but i couldn't. who knows where the guy left it. i think it might be somewhere in the furniture section.

saturday danny and i went to the club. it was alright. the dance floor was tiny. and when we got there, there were only two girls dancing on it. they kept playing house/techno music. and it was just bizarre. i've never seen so many straight guys dancing by themselves/with eachother. the guys far outnumbered the girls. it was a sad state of affairs. well, for the guys at least.
despite all that. they did play a fair amount of hip-hop/r&b. and we danced. and it was FUN. i'm glad i went with someone who knows how to dance. because a lot of those guys there didn't. haha. but for real. i wouldnt've rather been there with anyone else. :)

and i guess earlier that day they had a krumping contest in sydney (if you don't know what it is look it up on youtube, it's pretty sweet, it's worth your five minutes). so they had a bunch of the krumpers there. and at one point they just had them do their stuff. so that was pretty cool.

i didn't get home that night until 4:30am. i am officially a bad mammajamma. recognize. ;)


p.s. i do not like the order of my pictures. but i am too stupid to know how to fix them. so be aware that i am aware they could be laid out better. that is all.

Friday, April 18, 2008

adventures galore.

so. i already have more to report.
i am writing in this blog like it's my job.
...except less frequent than if it were my job.

this week is break week. and i LOVE it. what have i been up to, you ask? yes. yoda.

monday was my adventure day. me and amy went to breakfast and then took buses to wherever they brought us. they didn't really bring us anywhere too exquisite. and. we walked the sydney harbor bridge. then we came back to my place and watched a movie. then played girl games. erika. we played eleven. and i am meant to be with fangs!!! :)
then we packed a tupperware container with ketchup (because it costs money for ketchup packets here). and went out and ate fries. and then we returned to our respective homes.

tuesday wasn't too eventful. i went to the mall with bethany. and did not purchase a darn thing. but then i went to the grocery store and purchased granola bars, nobby's nuts, a candy bar, and a chocolate chip cookie deal. i ate three out of the four items that night. this is what my life is. one giant purse for food. and nothing else. okay, the purse isn't giant. but it is designated for food.

wednesday i went to the blue mountains. they aren't too mountainous. but give em' a break. it's australia, they have everything else right with the world.
we took the train. and. packed lunches.
then we walked the trails. it was cool. if you aren't a fat kid like me. okay. i know i'm small. but i was definitely at the rear of the pack much of the time. but now i have buns of steel. so. it's all good.
we went out to dinner too. and that was sublime.

thursday i went to salvation army. nothing too weird.
this old guy i work with, wayne, is making me soup though. which is kind of weird. he's bringing me home-made ham and bean soup next thursday. why? i am not sure. but rock on wayne. (rock on garth.)
then me and amy went to the park to take pictures. which i posted all these pictures on my facebook. and. met a homeless man. who lives in the bushes.
and saw people smoking pot in the park. and then i tripped up the stairs. and just stayed there and laughed obnoxiously for a couple minutes. and. we went to mcdonalds but their icecream machine was off. if that isn't always the way. so then we headed over to hungry jacks and got cones.

and that is why my break week was the bomb.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

so fresh and so clean

so. i already have more news for the homefront.

friday was spectacular. for several reasons. after our class trip to a mission we had mexican food. which is terribly hard to find in sydney. they don't boast a very large mexican population here. it's basically just danny.
i also had mexican for dinner. and hung out with a mexican all day. so. it was a cross-cultural experience times two.

friday i must have looked rather impressive. i think it says something mildly pathetic about you when people notice when you have showered. three people commented on it in one day. when i was hanging out with danny he asked me when the last time i showered was. and then later that night kathleen said, "you are gorgeous. did you shower today?" and when i asked the question, "why does everybody keep asking if i showered?" (which danny and kathleen ARE everybody. because like you all know twice is always.) harmony said, "you just look really clean today." my reputation precedes me.

besides having a 24-hour fiesta and having my cleanliness acknowledged friday was also spectacular because i went to 7-11. slurpee time. although, i was greatly dissapointed in the fact that they did not boast a pina colada flavored slurpee. barrrgh.

yesterday i went to an AFL (australian rules football) game. the game was good. it was a blowout. sydney won 107-45. i could explain to you what AFL rules are. but. i don't really know. and it is not important to my story. therefore, it is not important to you. ;)
i was dissapointed with the energy. they didn't play any jock jams. which was basically the only reason why i went. i was trying to hear the space jam song. boooo.

getting to the game was more of an adventure than the game itself. me, jac, and des were supposed to meet danny in burwood. but our bus came late. i tried to convince the bus driver to let us out early. cause i could see our connector bus right in front of us, but the driver was not having it. so. yeah we missed it. and were going to be late. BUT.
destiny made friends with this pregnant lady and her husband. and they were wearing swans stuff. so the four of us just followed them via train to the game. and got there on time. but. it was rather amusing. we had to run to one of our trains to make it. so we were basically chasing this pregnant lady who was BOOKING it.

this week we're on break. yeah man. i know we were on break like three weeks ago. but we get another one suckas! :)
i will use my time wisely. t.v. and snacks.
i'm going to show my roomates the best movie ever. yes, we are going to watch grizzly man at some point.
and this may just be the best break ever.

love you all. a lot. and i miss you guys.

as always,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

less than thrilling exploits

first things first. i was very excited to see that paul the wall, the living legend commented on my last post. i thought you had forgot about me, now that you're a famous chapel band member and all.
secondly, i never thanked you brian. for all the songs and poems. so. thank you.

guys here wear shorter shorts than in america. and honestly, i kind of like the man thigh. i said it. and what's worse, i meant it.

timmy didn't show up to the salvation army today. but yakav did. he thanked me approximately ten times and told me, "you're beautiful!" i think it had less to do with my smokin' hot appearance and more to do with the fact that i gave him five dollars worth of jam for free. i do that at the salvation army a lot. i mean. they are a charity after all, right? yakav only had fifteen dollars and he needed four different kinds of jam. i can't blame homeboy. variety is the spice of life. whereas most poor people would settle for one kind of jam. yakav doesn't play games. he'll take raspberry, strawberry, grape, AND marmalade, trick.
i don't think the salvation army really minds that much though. they give me stuff all the time. today i got ice cream and diet coke.
which by the way. i did a diservice to australia today. i littered for the first time since i've been here. it's not my fault the train station doesn't have any garbage cans. so that diet coke can. it's just chillin' out at central station. but. i think it's happier there.

thursdays are weird. like parallel universe type weird. i got on the train today and everyone was reading the same paper. and had palm pilots. and the kid next to me was eating the largest chocolate bar i've ever seen. if that doesn't scream parallel universe to you. i don't know what the heck does.

i don't have many other exploits to tell you of.
but i mean jam is enough. is it not?

much love,

Thursday, April 3, 2008


so. today was my first day at street level. a salvation army mission.
and i wanted to tell you two things before i forgot about them.

i met a man named timmy. honestly, crazy old homeless man. but. he did provide me with joy.

first off. because he wrote me a letter. and this is what it says:
To America - I hope Hillary Clinton gets in. I think a woman has more power than a man. Australia needs a woman prime minister. Paulian Hanson. Whoever.
Tim (and then his phone number).

i didn't think you'd actually want to call timmy and ask him about his opinions on women in leadership. but if you do... i have his number. if he actually has a phone. i mean. i really don't think he does.

he also sang me a love "poem." he kind of made it up himself. and i want you to imagine this being sung to me:
L is for the way you look at me.
O is for (i don't remember this one but it was not the right words).
V is for very, very special.
E is for my eyes i look at you with in love.
and i want to love you. and fifteen other guys. so we can make our own rugby team.

and. that was my song. good, no?

it was a wonderful day.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

rebellion, rat tails, and the like.

hello my friends. it has been quite a while. for this i am deeply sorry. or at least a little bit sorry.

two weeks ago we had our break. just like you guys did. and it was pleasant. i did nothing extremely superb. just watched a TON of movies. and by a ton i mean. 5. but for me. it's a ton. and jessica. i watched them two by two by one. amazing, no?
i also went to the mall and purchased a pair of skinny jeans so i could fit in. that's like all they wear here. they are cute. but TIGHT. i am wearing them now. and yeah. it's a big deal.

i have homework up the wazoo. yes, the wazoo. i need to work on my six page paper on the role of the Spirit in galatians. and i have an oral presentation on friday. which. i really have done nothing for yet. shameful i know.

now for picture time. because i know you all have been waiting to find out how/why. on friday i went to 'pretty in ink' with amy and melissa to observe their tattooing. well. devon and chelsea came also as observers. i was going to get my nose pierced, but the piercer was absent. golly gee whiz. so yeah. the pics are of their awesome hardcore tats. and just so you know, the smallest tattoo artist in the world works at the shop. but didn't do theirs. bummer.
me and melissa went back the next day and i got my nose pierced. we figured since they had the smallest tattoo artist, maybe they'd have something notable to say of their piercer. and we decided they do. the dirtiest man in the world.
i'm pretty certain he has never washed his clothes, his body, or brushed his teeth before. NO JOKE - his teeth were BROWN.
he pierced my nose with a gun. which i didn't think was standard protocol but whatever. it's all good. it didn't hurt a bit!
so. to go on with this whole odd dirty man thing. he was a total weirdo mcbeirdo. when i sat down he asked me about what i was studying in school. i told him 'ministry' which he didn't know what that was. hahaha. and then when he figured it out he went on to talk about how religion is man-made to oppress people. and God doesn't care about us. and how he's a pagan who respects mother nature. you know, the usual kind of conversations i have.
so. this man who told me he's old enough to be my dad. seems to think it's okay to date people young enough to be your daughter. because after i paid him our conversation went like this.
dm = dirty man
k = kate

k: what should i clean my nose with?
dm: do you know what palmolive anti-bacterial *mumble mumble* is?
k: no, but i can figure it out.
dm: hahahahahaha. i love this girl! what are you doing later tonight?

yeah. it happened. i laughed nervously and waited for it to go away.
so. i have officially been asked out by the dirtiest man in the world. i really attract some winners.

a few other notes. things you need to know.
1. rat tails are really popular here. it is weird. and not okay.

2. they call cantaloupe rock melon.

3. good job having your baby nate and missy.

now that all that is off my chest. i am going to pretend like i'm doing homework.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bloomin' onion. aka. the outback.


i returned from the outback a couple days ago. we had a trip out there for the weekend. and. it was pretty sweet.
it took us like eight hours to get there. but we had this pimp bus driver. no joke.

lets see, what did i do?
*played dutch blitz (i suck. but it's fun.)
*ate a lot
*straight sweated. egads. it was like 110. not a pretty picture.
*got eaten by bugs. and huge spiders. and moths. (contrary to popular belief moths can and will attack).
*laughed SO hard. at EVERYTHING. (when don't i do that?)
*rode around in a jeep. with our pimp bus driver. and other people. (although i wish it was just me and the bus driver. hahahahahaha.)
*wrote myself the lamest letter. it was one of those you open when you leave australia to remember what you were thinking. and i just told myself that i forgot to put sunscreen on my chest. meaningful, no?
*saw a dead kangaroo. HILARIOUS. not so cute anymore.
*hunted crayfish. aka yabbies. and caught two. well... kind of. i pulled a trap out of the water. that i didn't set up. but still. that thing pinched my finger. my middle finger to be exact. maybe he was trying to tell me something.
*shared the worst rendition of my life story ever.
*saw the southern cross. there you go dad.
*watched a man shear a sheep. at the end the sheep was bleeding. i was concerned. natalie portman would not have liked it.
*sat on a tree and dipped my feet in giardia infested waters.
*read the liturgy for palm sunday service. yes. i am that righteous. ;)
*invented a card game. it's called "you're higher." it is me and amy's creation. with a bit of help from sunny. and it is the BEST card game ever invented.

that's what the outback is all about.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

so much week. so little time.

what to tell you?

NATE! i am listening to the smoothie's right now. (good call erika).

monday was ian's birthday. since everything here is a day earlier than over there (roughly) the whole continent celebrated in style previous to ian celebrating it himself. and everyone here is voting for him for president. i'm pretty sure he doesn't read this because he is an awful person. so andrew. it is up to you to notify him of this.

wednesday was not terribly eventful. except for the fact that it transformed me into a movie star! after class i was waiting at the bus stop with DANNY (you're totally in my blog. i'm not even gonna front like you weren't there.) and destiny. there was this man outside the gas station in a suit with a microphone. and a camera man too. me and danny walked behind the reporter. like those baybay kids you see when you're watching the news. and they're terribly obnoxious and they make you want to die. but. i'm pretty sure i'm going to be getting calls soon about modeling jobs and acting gigs. whether or not i was actually on the news cheesing, i am not sure. but. i tried.

thursday i went to darling harbour with amy. it was cool.
friday i had a sleepover party at amy, ali, and ruth's. bethany came too. it was also cool. that is all i have to say on that matter.

saturday. i went to the rocks in the morning with the girls. the rocks is just an area of sydney with shopping and what-not. i bought myself some bling. an opal ring. australia loves opals and it is my birthstone so rather appropriate, no? which means. i am retiring my true love waits ring. hahaha.
i also purchased a green tee. because it was five dollars. and we all know how bad i am at spending money.
i went to my service project at night. no close encounters with homeless men this time. although, a nice old man wearing an orange polo told me i have a beautiful smile. he knows what lines work! :)

sunday. i didn't call my mom and dad. sorry guys! i know you missed me terribly. :) well... i'd like to think so.
i walked to church with my roomates today. and i really liked it. it was kind of old school. but the people were SO excited we were there. i went to the family service, which was honestly full of ADORABLE babies. but next week i'll go to their night service. it's for uni(versity) people.
later we went to a hillsong (HILLsong mom. hahahahahaha.) concert. i saw this guy from church there and said hi. i'm pretty sure he didn't know who i was. so i felt like a freakazoid.
it was free. and cool. but because i'm an awful person i was done with the concert before the concert was. i'm not spiritual enough for this. ;)

okay that's it.
and i feel like this post was sub-par. but it is because it is past my bed time. i cannot be held accountable for my lack of wit or taste.

as always,

Sunday, March 2, 2008

gay and lesbian mardi gras

yes, i was in attendance.

but first off. friday night. we watched young einstein. weird movie. stupid humor. would have been more suitable if i had you guys to make fun of it with. but none-the-less not a total waste.

second off. gay and lesbian mardi gras. what you have all been waiting for. saturday night a group of us went downtown for the thirtieth annual. we are pictured above. that is us in the train station afterwards, but still. good times. it's one of those things everyone goes to (gay or straight) because it is just like a huge outdoor party. it was actually a parade, they had floats. which is also pictured above. on this float there were "angels" dancing around in their underwear. and oddly enough a little boy throwing flowers. photos courtesy of miss amy madden. so if you guys are facebook friends with her. check our her albums. the second one has all the mardi gras pics in it. i of course. only took two pictures. :)

wondeful story:
me and danny were in mcdonalds at the gras. (which the line was berserk.) and we saw the ultimate gay trio. a BIG drag queen. and two guys in pink shirts, silver sequined belts, and shorts (they were on the float behind the angel float). the one had a fanny pack full of glitter. you must know that everyone there was dressed up. like hookers, or angels, or in neon, or glitter, or something of the sort. i felt left out. back to story. the one guy was sprinkling glitter on his friend. danny suggested i ask for some as well. i'm pretty positive he didn't think i would.
but you guys know me. of course i did.
i tapped him on the shoulder and said, "excuse me? but do you think i could have some glitter too?" he sprinkled silver glitter on my arms and hat and blew red glitter in my face. even though my mouth was closed i still got it in my mouth. danny had to rub the glitter off my gums. what are friends for, right?
so i was glittered and ready to go.

as for today. i didn't actually end up cleaning australia as i led you to believe in my previous entry. i was twenty minutes late to the site. and when i got there i only saw people that weren't people i knew. so i dipped.
then tonight. we were going to go to hillsong, but after taking a bus and a train we missed another one of our busses. another time. today was not my day for doing things i had committed to. :( ahh well. what can i say? i'm spontaneous? or irresponsibe. we'll go with the first. more positive.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

hungry jacks

hmm... a few things.

first off. i went to the art gallery on monday. alone. it took me a bus and two trains, but i got there successfully. i thought that made me independent and sophisticated, but i was told that it makes me a loner. whatever. my favorite painting from the gallery is "the mockers" by arthur boyd. you should check it out. i couldn't find any good pictures of it online, but maybe you can.

secondly. we had a lecture from this guy in government on tuesday. you know about australian history and government because we have a lot of guest speakers. he was a fairly attractive young man named jono. anyways. during the lecture there was this bug. not a roach, but roach-like on his pants. on the crotch of his pants. like, if his fly was open, it would have went in for the kill. hahahaha. it was hilarious. and only like four of us saw it. me and amy almost lost it though. i was so close to laughing out loud.
he also had chest hair hanging out of his shirt. it was rather distracting. i have found here in australia men love to flaunt their chest hair. i do not love it.

i made a couple australian friends in class on wednesday. actually, i think they just think i'm a freak. because i was trying to convince them that nsync is the best band ever.
oh, and in my dance class we learned a dance to a j.lo song. :) it was fun. except for the fact that kathleen, dante, and danny were outside my classroom looking in yelling, "go kate" and attempting to do the dance too. next time, i'm making sure i get a spot far from the window.

yesterday was my free day. i bought a book for class and went to hungry jacks aka burger king. same restaurant, different name. i think i prefer the name hungry jacks. way classier.

what else do i have going on?
a movie night tonight. an australian movie. not sure which one.
i might go to chili's on saturday. we're in sydney and people want to go to chili's. i don't understand, but i will most likely be in attendance anyways.
and clean-up australia day on sunday. i think we might get tee shirts for picking up trash. and you know me, i don't volunteer unless i can get SOMETHING out of it.

as always,

Monday, February 25, 2008

ninja warrior

so. starting in march for two weeks they have this "easter show." danielle, my fake sister was telling me about it. she was psyched!

it's like a carnival. they have animals, rides, shows, the whole bit. but they also have SHOWBAGS. these deals are bags filled with cool stuff for cheap. you can get like $100 worth of stuff for $10. they have all the showbags and their contents listed online. i thought you all might think this one is funny:

1 Ninja Padded Fabric Muscle Top Dress Up $24.95
1 Ninja Weapon Set $10.00
1 Ninja Super Weapon Set $15.00

ninja-ly yours,

Saturday, February 23, 2008

super saturday

my saturday was super.

i went to the beach in the morning. and it was nice. lots of surfer dudes, and a considerable amount of surfer duds. i just laid around, did a crossword, got in to my ankles. but it was nice. there were also a few guys in speedo's. and it was really funny, because they shouldn't have been wearing them. i only took a few pictures while at the beach (one of a guy in a speedo) to be posted later, because there were only like four.

after the beach i went to my service project. each of us in the ASC have to do thirty five hours of service. i'm at this place called Jesus cares. we go out with a van and give homeless people food.
i was kind of dreading it before i left. because. it was saturday night, i left the house at six and i didn't get back until a little after one. but i actually loved it!

the other volunteers are awesome. they aren't just doing this because they think it's a good thing to do, but they really feel called by God. and they really call on God to do a great work among sydney's poor. they have so much faith in God, and so much faith that what they're doing is changing the world. and i think it is.

this one lady jude has been doing it for about four years. and the women on the street call her "mom." :) jude is sooo awesome! she really loves everybody. she honestly has more love than anyone i know. she is absolutely wonderful. she said that people ask her if she feels degraded when prostitutes call her "mom," but she says that it's an honor. seriously, a lovely lady.

anyways. we went out. and the first place we went was sketch as could be. everyone was drunk and screaming. needless to say it was an interesting experience. a drunk man sang me a song. and it didn't make any sense. it reminded me of tony.

the second place was calmer. and everyone there was chill. i made a friend. his name is tamo and he's a native. he's going to make me a pair of earrings.
another girl that was doing service with me is devon. she got asked out. :) she respectfully declined.

another story. (short version). although, not mine. a different girl from my trip, chelsea, was sitting with this transvestite. and he was really sad because someone stole his skirt. just as any one would be. a stolen skirt is a sad story. chelsea told me that she didn't really know what to say, she was kind of freaked out that he wore skirts in the first place. well bork came by (he's from greenland and has a van of clothes) and told him that he had some skirts in his van and he could pick one out. :) amen. i'm glad someone is godly enough to give a transvestite a new skirt.

anyways. that was my night. it was awesome. i loved it.

also, if your name is erika or jessica i got your messages. and i love them. and i'll write back at a later date. but OMG on IandJ. and all of you that stickered me. i love em'! and. all of you that commented on my last post. thank you. :)

as always,

Friday, February 22, 2008

mint gelato

that's about as exciting as my day was today. there was supposedly chocolate in it too, but those haters put an undetectable amount in my cone. if you ever go to australia, more specifically to the mall in burwood and get gelato there. do not be fooled, there is actually no chocolate in the chocolate mint.

my class did go to this HUGE library in sydney today. it was really pretty.
end of story.

girls here wear spandex all the time. and are very trendy. it is kind of disheartening. but even though i may not be the most fashionable, i'm definitely the most charming. ;)

oh, and i tried vegemite. the world is right. gross!

tomorrow i'm going to the beach. and then to feed homeless people.
hopefully i'll take pics at the beach and be able to post some more for you all.


p.s. i think i'm starting to make friends.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

a different side of sydney

first of all. let me answer an assortment of questions asked of me:
*i have not been able to use my puppets yet. i guess people don't think they're as cool as we do.
*the hot towels in the plane were because we'd been on the plane for 14 hours. some people (not myself) were stankin'.
*i'm not sure how to sample eucalyptus. but i'm pretty sure the koalas prefer it for more than its taste.
*public toilets actually are rather clean here. and they ALWAYS have toilet seat covers. excellent.

in other news. i have a roach story. erika already heard it. but for the rest of you.
the four of us girls that i live with get done watching bridget jones. i come into my room. turn on the light. and move my desk chair so i can get on my facebook. a ROACH scurries across the floor into a corner. (roaches are super common here. i mean it is a given they'll get into your house, even if it isn't dirty). so of course i scream. and no one comes to my aid. so i stomp away and grump at jac. i know i am an awful person.then i'm all like 'destiny, you like bugs, get in here.' (again, awful person). well. a half hour later with a soap dish, an envelope, a trash bag, a trash can, and an adapter, destiny and jac kill the thing. i couldn't even watch.
moral of the story: love your neighbor. because one day they may help you kill a roach... or kill a roach for you because you refuse to help.australia is lovely.the roaches i could do without.

on a positive note i think you all should know that my neighborhood is off the chain. i can walk to shops and cafes, the post office, parks, and the bay. :) i can even walk to a ferry stop and take a ferry into the city.

much love,

Saturday, February 16, 2008

taronga park zoo and other wild adventures.

or something like that.

look at me, i'm already writing again. i am not so tired tonight, so maybe this will be more complete.
i have warned several of you already... but for the rest of the world:
do not be insulted if i don't get back to you on facebook. i'm kind of pressed for time, and this blog may be some of the only online free time i have. i love you all, whether i get back to you promptly or not.
i tried to put my pics up on facebook, but it wouldn't work! so maybe i'll try again after i finish this. hopefully it'll work. i did change my profile pic though. it is me with a real, live koala. he was sleeping, but he totally wanted my bod.

the zoo was cool. my favorite part was getting to be right next to the koalas. it was cool. i was really close to kangaroos too but they're definitely not as cute.

oh yes, toilets. i'm not sure how they spin. they just kind of explode. it's hard to explain. they also have water restrictions here so their toilets have two buttons. a half flush button (for pee) and a whole flush button (for poop). my family's toilet water is blue. so when i pee, it turns green! i'm all about the simple things in life.

they have mongolian barbecue here. not as good.

much love,

Friday, February 15, 2008

i made it!

hello all.
sorry it took me so long. but i made it. :) the plane ride from LA to Sydney took 14 hours. I took two naps, looked through a cosmo, did a people magazine crossword, and watched three movies.
1) Mr. Magoriums Wonder Imporium (just for you andrew)
2) Stardust (just for you jess)
3) Bee Movie (just for you erika... well, i know you wanted to see it). :)
it wasn't too bad. it was sweet. the food was okey dokes. they gave us lots of snacks too. and even hot towels. and almost all the flight attendants were chipper australian fellows.

i finished my orientation today. and i actually start school on monday. we have a free weekend this weekend, but i'm not sure what to do with it.

we saw the opera house and the sydney harbor bridge yesterday. mega cool.

i live with three other girls. jac, destiny, and bethany. they're pretty cool. i also live with a fake mom, dad, two fake sisters (14, and 12) and a fake brother (9 or 10?).

sorry this is so short. i am EXHAUSTED. i will post pictures soon. hopefully sunday or monday.

also, i have pics of all you guys in my room. :) so feel cool.
and andrew, i thought of you in detroit when i saw this man wearing leather pants. although, he was also wearing a bra. so he could have been a woman. but definitely looked like a man.
and everyone,
love you.
and already miss you desperately.
happy belated valentines day.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

miss you already. :)

cute, huh? my mom bought me a new suitcase. yay!
but here is some rather important information for you. :)
send regular mail to:
Kate Yocic
ASC - Wesley Institute
P.O. Box 534
Drummoyne, NSW 1470
packages (yeah right, right?) hah:
Kate Yocic
ASC - Wesley Institute
5 Mary Street
Drummoyne, NSW 2047
anyways. i just set this up so that you guys could peer into my life while i'm halfway across the world. so DO IT!

i won't write in it again until i actually leave (monday, feb. 11).

until then,